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Red-Eye Problem

I have a red-eye problem that's bothering me for days already. I've been to an eye doctor and has given me eye drops to relieve the itchiness. Do you have some natural remedy for this kind of illness?

I would say that you should stick with what your physician gave you. I had that problem before and it will get better through time. Don't rub it as the germs will spread because you might contaminate the things everyone is touching like doorknobs and light switches.

If your eyes are just red and itching due to allergies, look into trying some of those OTC eye drops. I like to use GenTeal personally because they're easier to get in. If you've recently tried some new mascara or other eye makeup that could be the culprit. If you have lots of drainage, then you likely have an infection. In that case, don't touch your face until things clear up. I'd do lots of hand washing and would change my contacts/clean my glasses often. I hope it clears up for you soon!

I would use whatever your physician gave you - your eyes are so important. As difficult as it is, try not to rub them when they're itchy. If the problem is being caused by allergies, you can use an allergy eye drop OTC, like Zaditor to relieve itchiness. I hope your eyes feel better soon!

I feel better now. I don't use contact lens, so I'm sure it was not an irritation by that or the makeup. I have a feeling that the pollens from our garden was the culprit.

In short, are the eye drops the physician prescribed not as effective? You can try a cold-water compress and see if it relieves the itch. Take a clean cloth and soak it in cold water then repeatedly apply this to closed itchy eyes.

I will keep that in mind, Lisa. The eye drop was effective as it cured the redness of my eye. The itchiness was not addressed though, so I had to wipe my eyes with a clean cloth every time my eyes became itchy.

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