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Removing Weeds

I know that weeds are a huge challenged for all farmers out there. How often do you remove weeds on your farm? Also, what kinds of weeds do you remove? Do you use tools?

The easiest way to deal with weeds is to prevent them in the first place.  We have large beds and each space is filled to capacity, so weeds don't have much room to grow.  I just pick the out by hand as I'm working in my garden.  It's easier to pull them out before they've had a chance to dig in their roots in and spread out.  I don't like weeds in my garden, but I don't mind them elsewhere on my homestead.  Weeds feed the bees and often perform beneficial roles like adding nitrogen to the soil.

I swear by my Fiskars Deluxe Stand-up Weeder as it gets the job done in no time and with minimal fuss.  It's sturdy, so I think it will last for many seasons.  It was a big splurge for me though.

Weeds - it seems like a constant battle, doesn't it? Of course the best way to deal with them is preventing them in the first place. If you have weeds now, pull them by hand if you can. This will help get the weeds roots out of the ground.

Once you have the weeds out, spread landscape fabric over the area, and cover it with mulch. The fabric will allow water and nutrients to get to your plants while preventing weeds from growing.

Just as @berry-happy says, the layout or design of the planting beds can determine the extent of weed infestation in the farm. In most cases, gardens with a variety of plant species will have fewer weeds, as compared to monocultures. Hand pulling is an effective way to control weeds, and it is advisable to invest in an effective hand weeder. Flamers and weeder geese are useful weeders as well.

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