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Shoulder pain

Hello guys, I'm a new girl here. You can call me bumblebee or just bee! I wonder if you guys often have the problem of shoulder pain due to farm work. This is the main reason that I can't be in a farm for long hours even though I need to be. I wonder how you guys deal with your shoulder pain. Thanks for sharing your tips!

Hey @Bumblebee, feels so great to meet and connect with you. I guess you raise bees and love honey? I rarely have shoulder pain except when I have strained or overdone a farming activity. In such instances, are you able to move your shoulder normally or does it become stiff and painful? You can take a rest and use ice to treat a minor injury but if it is persistent, you may want to seek professional help.

It would be good if you could pinpoint what's making the pain worsen as you go about your chores. That way you could change your method or you could trade that task with someone else if that's a possibility. I hope you heal soon!

Hey Bee! From one new gal on the scene to another, I hope your shoulder gets better soon.  When my shoulder aches I take ibuprofen or naproxen and rest it as much as possible.  I echo @lily though about heading to the doctor if it continues.

Hi dear! I hope your pain has gone. I used to have shoulder pain too. At first I thought perhaps I worked in the farm too much but then I realised it came from working in front of my laptop. The pain may not necessarily comes from farming. Sometimes your daily routine will also affect your shoulders.

Thank you guys! You all are so helpful! My shoulder pain isn’t a very severe one but it’s just annoying. I think I might try some of your suggestions and see if they work! Well, I also work on my desk for a couple hours every day. Not sure if it’s one of the causes. I will be sure to take care of myself more!

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