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Standing out

What are some of your tricks for standing out among the sea of sellers at farmers markets and flea markets?  One trick I use is to make and sell money soap.  It's pricey if you buy it ready-made on Amazon, but it's inexpensive if you DIY it at home and for me it offers a great ROI.  I only do it three times a year, so it seems more special to my customers and creates a sense of urgency - buy it now because there won't be more for a few months.  I create an attention-grabbing presentation by stacking my bars of soap up like gold bullion and post a few signs around my booth.  It draws people in like crazy who are milling about.  I give everyone who comes by a brochure that lists what I usually offer and provides my contact information so they can find me later.

I'm currently adding recipe cards to orders.  Each card lists the other ingredients we sell so they can get everything they need for their supper.  They've been popular so far.  We'll even have people show up who ask to buy the fixings for a spaghetti dinner.  We'll package up the hamburger meat, spices, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cheese, pasta, and fresh bread.  Some people like to cook, but they don't know how to shop or piece meals together.  Other people just don't want to bother going to the store or they want the freshest ingredients and they know we have it.  It's a good gimmick so far.

I like that idea @Nia Jones.  I've seen money soap in novelty stores but never considered making my own.  I think I'll try to make some for the grandkids.

I am glad I chanced upon this post because we are having a farmers market fair in August and together with my friend, we were starting to become a bit reluctant about participating. It may take a little more effort to stand out from the rest and the thing is once anyone grasps this technique, everything else becoming easier to handle, along the way.

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