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The Wrinkle Problem

It is hard to straighten this problem as we grow older. Botox is the immediate solution, but an expensive one. We can do a lot to maintain a baby smooth skin with money and discipline, but time will eventually take its toll on our skin. However, there is an article that I've seen wherein the lady was a vegan for a long time that her skin remained smooth and soft. Have you read about this? Is there some truth about it or just a story to propagate the vegan diet?

Well, from what I know, a vegan diet may not be a solution to clear skin; in fact, it could easily make your skin dry. For me, limiting my sugar intake, using coconut oil and/or regularly washing the face seem like better options.

Perhaps this woman just has better skin due to genetics or other factors we don't know about. There would have to be a lot more evidence in order for people to really tie a vegan diet into smoother skin. Now if a bunch of people start seeing the same result, it would be an interesting thing to investigate.

I have nothing against people practicing a vegan diet, but there are a few of them who are outright rude because they think they are better than those who eat meat.

Speaking of smooth skin, I would go with genetics and good hygiene.

The article may be an isolated story about a person having smooth skin because she was a vegan. What you all said may have credit because the diet may or may not affect our skin health depending on the genes we have.

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