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Thinking outside the tube

Lip balm is a good, versatile item to keep in your survival kit.  Did you know that lip balms can be used as a makeshift candle?  You can make a wick by cutting a cotton swab in half, pulling up a bit of the cotton so it's easy to light, greasing it up with some of the balm so it catches fire quickly, and then sticking it down into the middle of the balm.  This trick works with all kinds of balms, but I prefer to use the EOS brand that is egg-shaped.  Since it has a wide sturdy bottom, I can set the makeshift candle down without worrying about it tipping over.  On the other hand, my husband prefers to use balms that come in a tube because they're easier to light and tend to burn longer.

Have you found any alternative uses for lip balm?

Wow, this is exciting. I am going to try out this method soon. Lip balm can help prevent blisters when the shoes feel a bit tight. If the blisters appear, lip balm can also be used to relieve the discomfort.

It turns out, you can also use lip balm as an alternative to shoe polish! It'll make the leather softer and make your shoes look like new again.

I didn't know you could use it as a candle, but I'm not surprised since a lot of lip balms contain beeswax, which is also used for candles. I'll have to give this a try sometime.

That's a good tip, @survive-thrive.  I always have lip balm on hand.

@collette, it never would've occurred to me to use it in the place of shoe polish.  That makes sense though.

I have used lip balm to soothe blisters, but I never thought of it as a preventative, @adaline.  That's a good one!

I've used lip balm to clean off rusted screws and to loosen rings that were on too tight.

You guys have some really great tips!  I'm like @garden-gal, I had no idea it could be used for shoe polish in a pinch.  That's really cool.  I don't think I'd want to do the whole shoe with lip balm, but if I needed to shine just the toes or the tops of the shoes, then it would be doable.  I like that.

Thanks for sharing your alternative uses for lip balm.  I'm bookmarking this thread.  Your tips are great!

You will probably laugh if I tell you that I use lip balm when trying to get over a nasty cold. Usually, the skin around the nostrils can get dry and chapped as a result of tissue-rubbing or nose-blowing. It's exciting to read about its many other uses.

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