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Tie Dyed Clothing

I remember doing this in high school. I see that this type of clothing is getting popular, so I'm thinking of creating a business out of this. The method is very easy to follow, and we can do so many patterns depending on the place and ways of tying the shirt before soaking it in a dye solution.

I've  noticed that it's making a comeback too, Mary P.  What type of dye do you typically use?  I used to enjoy making tie-dye shirts and towels with my friends, but we always started with a colorful product and used bleach to create the tie-dye effect.   It was fun to do, but the bathroom would fill up with fumes from the bleach.

I've noticed the style coming back, too. Induethyme has a good idea. You could tie dye towels as well as shirts. Those would make some really cool beach towels!

There are a few shops, mostly the thrift shops, that are selling this type of clothing in our area. I did a little searching on the internet how to do tie-dying, and this would a good project for my kids to do during summer break.

I finish experimenting on several shirts. Some of it has the desired design, and a few came out like a painter's rug. Any idea on how to maintain a specific design when doing tie-dying?

@maryp  We carefully painted on bleach with brushes and sponges and used a lot of waterproof tape to seal off the parts of the shirt we didn't want to change. It worked the best on blue materials.  If you're using dye instead of bleach, maybe avoiding putting opposite colors near each other would help so it doesn't run and turn out muddy.  So no reds near greens and no purples near yellows.

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