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Tips for Growing Poinsettias?

I know it's too late to do it this year, but next year, I'd like to sell poinsettias. I have never grown them before, though. Do you all have any tips for growing poinsettias successfully?

I've tried growing them and didn't think it was worth it.  They typically require a greenhouse and are quite fussy.  I still sell poinsettias, but I get them from a wholesaler instead of growing my own.  Maybe a similar arrangement could work for you.  Sorry I'm not more help.

I've never grown them commercially because in my area, you need a special permit and it gets chosen through a lottery.  It's supposed to keep prices stable I guess.  If you run into something like that, or you decide that poinsettias are too hard to grow, then you could try rosemary as an alternative.  The herb is super easy to grow and you can increase your stock through cuttings which will save you money.  I've seen rosemary plants made into wreaths and even little Christmas trees.

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