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Toothache remedies

I have a terrible toothache that comes and goes and my dentist is on vacation for the next two weeks.  I don't have an abscess or fever or anything to warrant a trip to the emergency room.  Anyway, what can I use to stop the pain until my dentist comes back.   Tylenol isn't helping much.

Well, two weeks is a long time, but there are a few remedies that you can try. A salt-water rinse treats a toothache and also helps reduce inflammation, besides healing any oral wounds. A hydrogen peroxide rinse or a cold compress can also help relieve the pain.

Oh! You poor thing, Elizabeth. Tooth aches are the worst and I have had my share of those. I have recently been to the dentist for a regular cleaning and, even though I keep my teeth in check, I always dread those dentist visits.

Depending on what kind of pain you have, you could maybe try some clove oil? I know it works for gums mostly but it could help. I hope you get better soon!

I’m sorry to hear that. You might want to try using some salt water to clean your mouth or take some painkiller for now and see the dentist as soon as you are available. I hope you get better!

Thanks for the sympathy guys.  I've started taking Advil and I'm using salt water rinses and clove oil too.  This combination helps quite a bit.  My dentist offered to refer me to another dentist that will see me quickly as a favor to him.  I may take him up on that.

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