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Wanting to Expand

We would really love to expand our farm. We want more land to grow more crops. But we don't think our neighbors want to sell their land.

Have any of you expanded your farm? Did you approach your neighbors about selling some of their land, move, or do something else?

We have tried expanding our farm a couple of years ago, but the neighbors did not accept to sell any of their land. They explained that it was a family farm and that they wanted to keep it running without making major changes. I think it's understandable, but it was definitely a bummer!

What about renting some of their land if your neighbor won't sell it to you outright?  Would that fit your needs?  In my area people rent land for hunting, gardening, and logging.   Some people dislike renting.  However, there are some benefits to it like less maintenance, no property taxes, and a chance to expand without sinking your money into a big investment.  If things go well, maybe you'll consider other options to buy afterwards.

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