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What creature did I see?

I was heading to pick my kids up at school when I saw a man and a woman walking a bird on a harness.  I originally thought it was a small dog until I saw its wings.  Its feathers looked more like fuzzy fur than feathers and there was lots of it.  Some of its feathers dangled in its face and I don't see how it could see.  It was white, pretty, and very fancy.  It wasn't a type of peacock, a swan, a duck, or a parrot.   It didn't have an elongated body like a parrot either.  I wasn't close enough to see its beak or feet.  I've never seen something like it before.  I can't identify it and not knowing is driving me batty.  What creature did I see?


Your description is a hoot!  The Silkie is a breed of chicken and I'm almost positive that's what you saw.  They are often  kept  as pets and are very tame.  They can be eaten and their eggs can be collected and eaten as well, but they're pretty tiny birds underneath all that fluffiness.  The Hedemora is another breed of chicken with similar feathers, but it's pretty obvious that they're a chicken by their bodies and you can see their faces easily.  They're also pretty rare, at least in the U.S.  I'm attaching a couple of images.  Let me know if that's not the bird you saw and I'll try again.

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Yes!  Wow, that's amazing that you figured it out that quickly.  I searched and search through Google and couldn't find the answer.  I probably should've narrowed my search by pics, but just didn't think of it.   Then again, I never would've guessed that it's a chicken.  Thanks for your help!  What a marvelous little creature.  I was dying to pet it.

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