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You can scrub your complexion until you’re blue in the face (literally!), but if you’re making mistakes impacting your skin’s cleanliness, the impact of your facial scrubbing may be reduced. There are a number of daily activities that can clog your facial pores and you may not even realize the damage you’re doing to your skin. Consider correcting the following beauty mistakes if you want to increase the effectiveness of your facial cleansing.

Using The Same Towel

How often do you change your face towels? If you’re drying your face with a face towel packed with dead skin cells, you’re reducing the effectiveness of your facial scrubbing. Use a fresh face towel each day to dry your complexion, and you’ll reduce the amount of debris you’re re-depositing back onto your skin.

Clogging Pores

If you don’t cover your forehead when applying hairspray, you may be clogging your forehead pores with hairspray. Learn to place a dry facecloth in front of your face before spraying your hair with hairspray, and you’ll help to keep your pores clear of sticky contaminants.

More Clogged Pores

Just as hairspray can clog your pores, so too can perfume. Do you mist the air with fragrance and then walk into the fragrance to get it all over you? Chances are good you’re getting fine particulates of perfume in your pores as you do this. Keep your head down as you walk through your cloud of perfume, and you’ll reduce the chances of fragrance landing on your forehead and cheeks.

These are three of many complexion beauty mistakes you might be making without knowing it. Understanding how your beauty routines impact the quality of your skin is essential if you want your complexion to be at its best. Pay attention to these beauty tips, and you might be able to reduce the number of unsightly blemishes on your skin.

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