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Are you looking for easy ways to improve your looks without making constant trips to the hair salon or spending an inordinate amount of time in your manicurist’s chair? Integrating beauty hacks into your life is a great way to spend less time on your looks while still improving the way you feel about yourself and your appearance. Try the following five beauty hacks to see which ones will make you wish you had learned about them sooner.

  • Add petroleum jelly to your eyelashes at night. Petroleum jelly not only conditions your eyelashes, it might even help them grow longer. Be sure to place a towel over your pillow or wear an eye mask before retiring for the night.

  • Petroleum jelly is also terrific for preventing nail polish stains on your fingers. Dab petroleum jelly around the outskirts of your fingernail prior to applying nail polish (a cotton swab works great). Make sure you buff your nail clean just in case any of the petroleum jelly ended up on your nail. You’ll never have to worry about nail polish stains on your skin again once you start using this easy beauty hack.

  • If you’re noticing shampoo or conditioner build-up on your hair, try rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar (be sure to rinse with water afterwards). While the smell isn’t pleasant, apple cider vinegar can help to remove excess product build-up from your hair.

  • Drinking plenty of water can help prevent acne breakouts. If you notice a pimple or two starting to blossom on your skin, increase your water intake. Not only is water good for your skin, it helps you flush toxins out of your body at the same time.

  • Coconut oil is awesome for your cuticles and fingernails. If your fingernails are splitting and cracking, it might be time to start massaging coconut oil onto your nails on a regular basis.

Beauty hacks are a terrific way to improve your looks without spending hours at the cosmetic counter. Simple tweaks can help you feel better about yourself and make your beauty routine easier to complete too. Will you be incorporating any of these beauty hacks into your life?

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Oh, we are all about…

Make Your Winters Warm

Winter’s set in and it’s time to start thinking once again about the best methods of staying warm. No one likes to be shivering for months on end. In your own home you can only do so much to turn the heat up. What, then, are some simple solutions? What about when you want to go outside or need to take a trip into town?

The first solution is fairly simple: a warm, fuzzy sweater can help to take the bite out of the winter’s chill. Wearing wool or polyester is much more likely to keep you toasty than cotton! Dark colors are not only fashionable, they help to keep you warm as well. Heat isn’t reflected off of your clothing as much if it is dark.

Jeans are also something to consider giving up during the winter months. Try wearing a fashionable pair of slim black corduroys or even some thin wool slacks. The denim material that blue jeans are made from does little to protect against chilly weather.

Heat escapes your body very quickly through your ears so while you’re on the subject of dress it’s important to make sure you’ve got your head covered. There are plenty of different styles of hats on the market to choose from, but some are easily more warm than others. Try not to choose anything made from cotton, as mentioned above (hats to stay away from include most brimmed caps.) Wool hats are excellent but can be a bit scratchy so make sure it’s comfortable before you purchase it.

The last steps in making sure you’re dressed for any outing you may desire in the winter months are a pair of warm, comfortable boots and a heavy over-coat. Boots should not be made of rubber as these tend to be stiff and cool easily. Look for something with a thick soul that reaches midway up your shin, in case there is deep snow. As for a coat, black wool long-coats are always in fashion!

Now you’re dressing the part. Next there are some things to keep in mind for driving. If your car is not kept in a garage, you can always go outside and start the heater warming about ten minutes before you actually plan to leave. This way the car will be warmed up for you when you are ready to go. However, if you keep your car in a garage it is not safe to leave it running since the exhaust fumes that are released while it is running are toxic.

You can also heat a rice-bag before you leave and put it in your lap or behind your back while you drive to help stem off the cold.

Finally, after going out in the icy, windy cold it is time to relax at home. A wool blanket, a mug of hot cocoa or piping-hot coffee and a rice-bag to boot is a wonderful way to recover from the cold.

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