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by Erin Weaver

Fifty years ago, most of the women who farm would splash their faces with water in the morning and stride out the door without a second thought. But these days, with the help of online shopping and affordable products, just about every farmgirl usually has some form of beauty routine. Whether you’re a simple moisturize-and-go kind of woman or a serious beauty addict, you can find ways to make your products multifunctional. Trying multiple uses for your products can be a fun experiment, minimize the bulk of your makeup bag, and save you money. These 8 multi-use tips will give brand new beauty functions to products you already own.

Homemade BB Cream

BB creams offer a light skin coverage that’s perfect for the summer months. Instead of buying a whole new product every summer, simply combine a couple of pumps of foundation with your daily moisturizer for a light, natural-looking BB cream.

Easy Deep Conditioner

To make a luxurious deep conditioning treatment for your hair, warm up some of your usual conditioner in the microwave until it has a runny consistency. Smooth it over your hair (making sure it’s not too hot first!) and leave it to soak in for 30 minutes for perfectly silky tresses.

Aftershave Balm Primer

Men’s aftershave balms often contain glycerin, the same ingredient as many expensive makeup primers, and they’re far cheaper. Try stealing some of your man’s balm next time you’re doing your makeup.

Loose Powder As Dry Shampoo

If you’re out of dry shampoo but you don’t have time to shower, a loose or translucent face powder can word as a stand-in. Sprinkle it onto your roots, rub it in, and let it absorb any excess grease.

Lipstick Blush

A simple swipe of lipstick across the cheeks can act as a gorgeous blush shade if you blend the product in well enough. A small amount goes a long way, so this easy trick saves you money and space in your makeup bag.

Lip Balm Highlighter

If you’re a fan of the recent highlighter trend, you’ve probably found yourself addicted to glowing up your face with those pretty (but often expensive!) iridescent powders. In a pinch, a swipe of lip balm can give you the same shimmery effect.

Brow Products As Eyeliner

Eyebrow pencils and gels usually work perfectly as eyeliner, giving a complementary depth of color to your eyes while looking more natural than liquid eyeliners. They also tend to be finely pointed enough to give you good control over your makeup application.

Hairspray For Setting Spray

Setting sprays which promise to keep your makeup in place for hours are great, but they aren’t really necessary unless you regularly wear heavy makeup all day. A quick spritz of hairspray can serve the same purpose at a much lower cost.

At worst, these tips will give you a quick stand-in for when you run out a product you need. At best, they’ll give you a cheap, multifunctional replacement for something you usually buy. And when a friend asks what you’re using? It’s your secret!

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Oh, we are all about…

5 Secrets to Achieving a Professional Pedicure at Home

Professional pedicures are pricey, and if you live in a secluded area, they’re also inconvenient. You can get all of the same benefits that a professional would offer in the comfort of your own home by following a few simple tips.

Clip and file

Before you do anything, you need to prep your nails. Remove any old nail polish. Then clip them to your desired length. Lastly, file with a high-quality nail file to achieve an even shape.

Soak, soak, soak

This is, hands down, the most important step to achieving a professional-looking pedicure. An aesthetician would never paint your nails without first letting them soak. It helps soften your cuticles and the rest of your feet, which makes each subsequent step much more effective. The other benefit of a hot soak? It immediately puts you in a relaxed mood—a key ingredient for the complete spa experience.

The easiest method is to fill a dish tub with hot water, adding just a tiny bit of the soap of your choice. That way, you can soak your feet while sitting in your favorite comfy chair. Let your feet hang out for a generous 10 minutes, then dry them off.

Clean, trim and buff

Now that your feet are prepared, it’s time to remove all that dead skin. First clean underneath each nail using an orangewood stick. Use a cuticle trimmer to remove the excess dead skin from your cuticles if necessary. Then buff the bottoms of your feet, especially your heels and any other callouses. You can also use a gentle scrub at this stage.

Get baby-smooth

Almost there! Your feet should be looking brand new by now, so it’s time to restore all the moisture that was lost during the hot water soak and buffing process. Any rich, creamy lotion will work perfectly for this step, though you can buy a special foot cream if you’re feeling fancy. If you prefer to go natural, shea butter or coconut oil will both work well.

Final touches

If you prefer a natural, polish-free look, you can skip this step or add a simple nourishing oil to your nails instead. If, however, you like to jazz up your toes, then now is the time to choose your color and apply it to your nails. Don’t forget to use a base coat and top coat for longer-lasting results. Then sit back and relax—there’s nothing worse than smudging your pedicure a few minutes after you finally finished!

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