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The problem: during the height of summer, you may find your eye makeup smudging, running down your face, creasing, or simply disappearing altogether. And if you dare to venture into your garden or farm with your eye makeup on? Forget about it.

But you have a jam-packed schedule and won’t have time to get all made up for the meeting with your accountant later that morning. You have to decide whether to either skip it or do it beforehand (which we know can end in disaster). But guess what? Your eye makeup is just that versatile – you can master an eye makeup look that suits you – create a colorful ombré, or opt for a simple winged eyeliner look. And then actually get your makeup to stay in place. Really!

Believe it or not, there are ways to avoid this dilemma and keep your eye makeup fresh all day long. Even if you sweat a lot, have oily eyelids, or are currently enduring 95 degree afternoons, you can keep your makeup in place. Here’s how to do it.

Choose the right formulas.

If you want your eye makeup to be sweat-proof, you need to use waterproof or water-resistant formulas. These products won’t smudge nearly as easily as regular eye makeup, so check your labels carefully before purchasing – and when in doubt, read the reviews.

Also, for eyeshadow, opt for powders instead of creams. For eyeliner, use liquid or gel instead of pencil. Pencil and creams both contain oil, so they’re much more likely to smear over time.

Use a primer.

Look for an oil-free primer or pressed powder, and apply it to your lids before you add color or liner. You need to use an actual primer for this to work. Don’t substitute concealer or foundation to prime your eyelids, because those products contain oils which will cause your makeup to move around.

Set your makeup.

After you’re done with your makeup, it’s time to “set” the whole look in place. There are a couple ways to do this. First, for eyeshadow, you can apply a light dusting of a loose, clear powder across your eyelids. For eyeliner, you can apply a powdered eyeshadow in the same pigment on top of the eyeliner.

Alternatively, you can simply use a setting spray and lightly mist it over your eyes (and the rest of your face, if you’re wearing other makeup). This will seal your look in for the entire day.

It’s nice to go out all-natural. And sometimes it’s nice to get all dolled up. Now, the choice is truly yours, even in summertime!

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The Sustainable, Responsible Practice Of Seed Harvesting

Even the most effortless of practices, like saving seeds, can be beneficial for you and the environment. And though I’m guilty of ordering my seeds a lot more often than I should, I must admit this habit costs me a considerable sum of money. Now, the trend of harvesting seeds is all the rage, and it can do you better than just helping you save a couple of bucks. It’s a good way to live off the planet in a way that’s sustainable and responsible. Not to mention, it makes you feel like a crafty farmer.

Get Precious Seeds

There are certain seed varieties that aren’t as readily available now as they used to be. This is mainly due to them not being as profitable as other varieties. The corporate thought process allows hybrid seeds to take the place of natural ones.

While many corporations think a certain variety of seed won’t be as profitable to grow, the environmental conditions in your area can prove otherwise. Once you start saving your own seeds, you become reliant upon your sources and self-sufficient to a great extent.

Better Quality

It’s highly likely that you’re giving more love to your mall garden of crops than a farmer who has thousands of acres worth of crops to tend to. This gives you the benefit of getting better seed varieties that are healthier, resistant to disease, and produce better yield as well.

Also, since your crops will have thrived from the environment and temperature in your area, it’s probable they’ve adapted to the surrounding conditions as a variety. This can be beneficial because you won’t have to take a risk with new seeds that might not adjust to the environment you plan to grow them in.

No More Hybrids and Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically modified organisms are highly common among seed varieties that you find at the local market, and even if you try to make a smarter move by purchasing organic types, it won’t be the most affordable decision.

By harvesting seeds from your own crops, you can avoid having to buy mediocre seed types developed to adapt to a wide range of climates. While this may seem beneficial, crops that stem from such seeds won’t be immune to attacks from pests.

When it comes to seed harvesting, you need to know that seeds from each crop category are derived differently. It also depends heavily upon the crop’s composition. Seeds that are often surrounded by dense membranes of pulp have to be dried before they can be stored carefully. Dry seeds just need to be dried a little more for good measure before storing. (more info here – also see My Homestead Planting Guide)

This is just a heads-up as to what’s about to come. I’ve grown interested in seed harvesting recently so I’ll be sharing how you should save each different type of seed. Until then, you can prepare to invest a little more effort in the farming process. Happy Farming!

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