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One of the surest ways to sparkle with beauty is to focus on the eyes when applying make-up. Eyes are like stained glass, marbled windows to the depths and facets of personality, so the eyes are a natural focal point for assessing beauty and getting to know others more personally. There are a few key ways to ensure that your eyes stand out to their fullest potential.

Firstly and most importantly is color contrast. You only need to look to the opposite end of a color wheel, and you can understand the magic inherent in working with the juxtaposition of complementary (opposite) colors. In a nutshell: blue eyes mystify with eyeshadow in browns, gold, and corals. Green eyes glow with wine, burgundy, and corals that lean into the red palette. Brown eyes mesmerize and intrigue with blues, purples that lean more toward the blue spectrum, and silver.

Aside from eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara should complement the eye color in the same fashion. Brown eyes almost always benefit from black mascara, whereas green and blue eyes almost always look their best with brown mascara. This general rule is underlined when paler eye colors are accompanied by small eyes, which benefit from paler tints. On the other hand, comparatively large eyes can afford greater liberties, yet eyes of all sizes receive a dramatic boost with false lashes or lash extensions.

Beyond the application of eye makeup, it is critical to downplay the other primary features–the cheeks and lips–if the eyes are to be the central focus. This is achieved very simply by lowering the contrast between the skin tone and the applied colors. In other words, a light tinted gloss and an innocent pink or pale coral blush for the cheeks will keep the viewer’s eyes looking into your eyes whether you speak or stare in silence.

Furthermore, the eyebrows need pleasant shaping and should not be so overbearing that they detract from the eyes themselves; and lastly, if you maintain a part in your hair, it is most effective to let the part serve as an arrow pointing downward, and line it up with either eye.

Applying these visual tricks will dress your eyes–and you–for a starring role in any setting. After all, your personality is what shines once eye-contact is made, where the cosmetic colors at the surface serve as a decorative frame that showcases the true colors of the inner self.

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Oh, we are all about…

DIY Chapstick and Pomade: Bee-utiful Additions To Your Routine

If you live in a rural area it can be an ordeal trekking to town just to buy personal care items. Even then, the stuff ain’t cheap! But who needs drugstore beauty products when you can make something healthier, cheaper, and more effective at home?

These are my two all-time favorite recipes for homemade chapstick and pomade. Best of all, they use almost identical ingredients. If you’re whipping up some chapstick, you might as well keep that double boiler out for some pomade too.

DIY Chapstick Recipe

I am a chapstick fiend. I have at least two tubes in my office, purse, and bathroom. Keep your lips hydrated with this simple recipe.


  • Equal parts beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Chapstick tubes or lip balm jars (you can buy these in bulk on Amazon)
  • Double boiler


  • Set up your double boiler. Once it’s up to temperature, stir in your beeswax. Melt the beeswax completely.
  • Next, stir in your shea butter. Allow it to melt completely.
  • Last, stir in the coconut oil and allow to melt completely.
  • Give the mixture a good stir and remove it from heat. Sprinkle your peppermint essential oil into the mixture until it reaches your desired scent, about 10 – 20 drops.
  • Pour your chapstick mix into the tubes or jars. You may need a small funnel to make this easier. Remember to under-fill slightly. You don’t want spills!
  • Allow it to cool upright overnight.

DIY Pomade Recipe

My husband uses this pomade every morning. It’s the only thing that will tame his super curly hair. It’s also perfect for smoothing flyaway hairs and for updos.


  • Equal parts beeswax and coconut oil
  • Your desired essential oil
  • Double boiler


  • Melt the beeswax in your double boiler.
  • Next, incorporate the coconut oil. Allow it to melt completely.
  • Take the mixture off heat. Stir in your preferred essential oils. My husband likes tea tree and patchouli, while I prefer grapefruit.
  • Pour your pomade mix into a Mason jar. Let it set up overnight and store with an airtight lid.

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