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Making you own makeup sounds daunting, but if you want a simple natural look, why not try a few of these delicious recipes? You can use your home made or bought essential oils as well.


Beeswax is so useful for so many things, and it makes a great solid perfume that you can take with you so you can refresh your signature flower scent any time.

Melt one quarter cup of beeswax over hot water. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and allow to cool. Put a small amount in a pretty cream container or pillbox and keep the rest in the fridge.

To make it more interesting, try a blend of oils to create your own signature perfume – like roses and violets, freesias and lily of the valley.


To fill a spray bottle with your signature scent, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a mixture of equal parts witch hazel and glycerin. Shake well and keep in the fridge for a refreshing spritzer.


Carry your signature perfume over to your clothes and lingerie. Mix a cup each of lavender buds and rose petals with a quarter cup of orris root powder (available from craft shops) and use to fill small muslin or cotton sachets. Store them in your lingerie drawer or hang from coat hangers to keep a beautiful fragrance around you all day.


The most basic lip gloss recipe of all is simple Vaseline. To this base you can add a variety of ingredients, or you can start from scratch and make your own.

Melt a tablespoon of beeswax by placing in a clean glass jar and placing it in hot water until it is soft. Add a tablespoon of Almond oil and mix thoroughly with a small wooden spatula.

That’s it! Now you can begin to create your customized lip gloss…

  • Want your lips to taste fresh and minty? Add just a couple of drops of peppermint oil.
  • Want your lips to taste romantic and perfumed? Add rose, jasmine or other flower oil to your liking.
  • Want your lip gloss to have color and fruity favor? Add the juice of mulberries or blueberries, enough to create the amount of color you desire.
  • Want your lip gloss to soften dry lips? Break open a Vitamin E oil capsule and tip in the contents.
  • Want your lip gloss to cure cold sores? Infuse a cup of Lemon Balm (Melissa) leaves in enough Almond oil to cover the leaves and put in in a warm dry place for at least five days. Strain the oil, add a few capsules of Vitamin E oil. Add a teaspoon of the oil to your basic lip gloss.

Keep your finished lip gloss and your Melissa Oil in the fridge. They won’t last forever so just make small amounts as you need them, and if they get left out and smell rancid, make a fresh batch.

But you can take your lip balm with you on dates, just put a small amount in a pretty little pill box.


If you love the look of glitter make-up, it is easy to make your own using the basic lip gloss recipe. Add the contents of about six Vitamin E oil capsules as well, so that it will be good for your skin.

Melt one quarter of a cup of beeswax in a large clean jar over hot water. Add one quarter cup of almond oil and mix well. As the mixture cools, add in glitter of your choice…tiny sparkles, stars, moons…

You can tint the mixture with blueberry or mulberry juice, and add fragrance with the essential oil of your choice. Keep it in the fridge and use as required.

The most exciting thing about making your own fragrance and make up is its uniqueness. Soon you’ll be turning heads with your own special, indefinable brand of beauty!

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3 Natural Skincare Essentials for Great Looking Skin

Wrinkles, fine lines and other changes in the skin are unwelcome reminders of the aging process, leading many people to reach for expensive beauty products in a bid to improve their skin’s appearance. However, some ingredients found in skincare products link to chronic health conditions, hormone disruption and even some cancers. If you’re looking for safer, and cheaper, alternatives to shop-bought products, try these three natural skincare essentials for younger-looking skin.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is often praised for its versatility, as it can be used for many different culinary, health and beauty purposes. When it comes to skincare, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer that can also be used to treat minor skin problems and irritations, as it contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Coconut oil is also great for drawing impurities from the skin. Try applying a thin layer of coconut oil to your skin and leaving on for at least an hour, as this will help to pull dirt from deep within the pores. In addition, coconut oil can be used to remove makeup, including waterproof mascara.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is an astringent that helps to purify and tone the skin. It can be used to replace both cleanser and toner, as the astringent properties clean the skin thoroughly and leave it feeling refreshed. Witch hazel is also a great treatment for acne, spots and other skin blemishes.

Witch hazel is one of the most effective treatments for dark circles and bags around the eyes, as it helps to brighten and tighten the delicate eye area. To shrink eye bags and reduce dark circles, pour a little witch hazel onto a cotton pad and dab gently around the eyes.


Honey contains powerful antiseptic properties that help to treat skin infections and repair damaged skin cells. Honey also soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin, making it ideal for use as a weekly face mask.

For a softening face mask, apply a thin layer of honey to your skin and leave on for at least half an hour. If you prefer a thicker face mask, try mixing a little oatmeal into the honey. Cleanse and rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of the mask.

Shop-bought skincare products can be expensive and often contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that can cause health problems. Using natural products, such as coconut oil, witch hazel and honey, is a safer way to take care of your skin.

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