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by Erin Weaver

It doesn’t take too much experimentation to find a clothing style that suits you. Similarly, you probably figured out a makeup look that works for your face after a little bit of trial and error. When it comes to diet and exercise, your body will usually tell you what it does and doesn’t like. However, skincare is a far trickier beast. Your skin might not react to a product for weeks after you begin using it, and the mix-and-match nature of skincare makes it impossible to tell what’s really working. But one thing is for sure: it all starts at night. Preparing your skin for a good night’s sleep will make a world of difference for the day ahead, so use this guide to nail a night-time skincare routine that works for you.

Step One: Take Off Your Makeup

It’s so simple! You have to do it! This is the easiest step because you just need to be thorough. Use micellar water, coconut oil, makeup wipes, or whatever you want, but just do it. This is the single most important step in your nightly skincare routine if you’re a makeup wearer.

Step Two: Cleanse

Get your face wet – really wet! – and massage in a cleanser, starting at your hairline and moving in small circles all the way down to your neck, including your eyes. Once you’re done, rinse a bunch of times to make sure that it’s really all gone and pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Step Three: Tone

Toner makes your pores appear smaller and gets rid of any remaining makeup or grime that’s hanging around on your face. Apply a few drops of toner to a cotton pad and wipe it across your face in small circles. You can fan your face dry with your hands afterwards – it shouldn’t be too damp.

(Optional) Step Four: Oil

Facial oils can seem a bit fussy and they aren’t totally necessary, but they really help to breathe life back into tired or dehydrated skin. They’ll fight wrinkles and reduce irritation too. Simply massage a couple of drops of face oil into your skin using the tips of your fingers.

Step Five: Moisturize

Moisturizing is vital, particularly if you haven’t used any oils. Moisturizer seals all of the hydration into your skin and stops you from drying out overnight, so take a healthy blob of an alcohol-free moisturizer and smooth it over your skin from your neck up to your forehead.

Step Six: Eye Cream

An eye cream keeps your under-eyes looking lively and bright, so use your ring finger to tap a small amount of eye cream into your under-eye area and up around the top of your eyelids. Don’t use too much pressure as this is a delicate area.

Step Seven: Drink Up

Before you get into bed, drink a large glass of fresh water. Yes, you might have to get up to use the bathroom before you fall asleep, but your skin will thank you in the morning when it’s plump, bright, and full of moisture.

Night-time skincare is vital to set yourself up for the cold light of day. This night-time skincare guide will help you figure out a routine that makes your skin glow like never before.

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