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Winter is a beautiful time of year. It’s all about cuddling up in front of the fire with your loved ones, sipping on hot chocolate, and building snowmen. Right? Well, kind of. Winter is a time for sweet treats and fireside hang-outs, but if you live on a farm then it also means trekking through snow, hacking away at ice, and scrubbing slushy mud off your boots. Dressing in a way that’s stylish, weather-appropriate, and practical for your day-to-day life can be tricky as a farmgirl. Luckily, this guide has got you covered.

Insulated Leggings

Fleece-lined leggings are a lifesaver. They’re super warm and let you move freely, but they’re also stylish and easy to layer. Pair them with a warm coat and boots for work on the farm and dress them up with a cute top for time off.

Cozy Hoodies

When you don’t want to get out of your pajamas but there’s work to be done, hoodies are the perfect solution. There are so many available that you can always find a design to suit you…or go with the easy option and steal oversized hoodies from your brother, boyfriend, or husband!

Fur-Lined Boots

Try to find a sturdy fur-lined boot that’s waterproof, well-insulated, and durable for work on the farm. Avoid fabrics like suede and look for something hardier that’s perfect for mucking out barns and trekking through muddy fields.

Knitted Hats

Knitted hats are super cute and highly practical. After all, you don’t want to get a cold when you’re out repairing potholes or moving cattle in the harsh weather. If you won’t be working with dangerous machinery, you can even go for one with a fun bobble!

Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts have thankfully become fashionable again in the last few years, so this farmgirl’s favorite is back on the menu for work and play. Layer up with a thermal tee and coat for outdoor work and dress up with skinny jeans and heeled boots for time off.

Heavy Coats

It goes without saying that you’ll need a good winter coat. Oversized jackets are in style at the moment, so if you play your cards right, you can find something that’s practical and fashionable. Make sure that it’s waterproof, hardy enough to survive mud and barbed wire, and full of pockets.

Don’t freak out about how to dress for winter – with this handy guide you’ll have all your winter essentials covered without ending up with a bunch of impractical items you’ll never wear.

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Oh, we are all about…

This Is How Lavender Keeps You Well

Who doesn’t love the comforting floral aroma of lavender? This popular herb is known worldwide for its beautiful purple hue and soothing scent. But lavender is about much more than aromatherapy. When used correctly, lavender can be your go-to treatment for multiple ailments.

While most lavender treatments recommend using lavender essential oil, you can also use fresh or dried lavender flowers or leaves for some of these home remedies. Remember to always check with your doctor before using homeopathic remedies, and always go to the doctor for serious medical symptoms.

Check out our favorite ways to use lavender as a medicine:


Recent studies found that lavender may have potent antifungal properties. In fact, studies suggest that lavender can treat tough infections that are resistant to store bought antifungal medicine. If you have an odd foot fungus, try soothing it with a warm foot bath of dried lavender leaves.

Anxiety relief

Lavender is famous for its anti-anxiety properties. While its scent is great for immediate calm, you can also drink homemade lavender tea for similar effects. In a pinch, dab a drop of lavender oil on your wrists for a quick calm-down.

Sleep aid

Because lavender is naturally calming, it’s also a fantastic sleep aid. Make a bedtime tea of lavender to fall asleep in no time. Combine it with dried chamomile flowers to zonk out even faster!

Cold sores

Cold sores are annoying, painful, and embarrassing. While it takes them a while to go away, you can speed up the healing process with lavender. Combine lavender oil with coconut oil and spread it over the sores twice daily. Lavender’s anti-inflammatory properties will help your skin heal more quickly.

Digestive problems

Got nausea, gas, or a sour stomach? Before you grab that Pepto-Bismol, try a hot cup of lavender tea. Studies suggest lavender tea reduces inflammation in the digestive system to relieve minor discomfort.

The bottom line

Lavender is so much more than a room spray. This plant can work wonders in home remedies. Give it a try the next time you have any of these common ailments for quick, natural relief.

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