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Working all day out on a farm under the scorching sun just to look after the crops is a must-do thing for you, I understand. While doing that you might get injured sometimes. So, in order to prevent or lessen farming hazards, understand that proper clothing can help you carry out your duties smoothly. Remember, appropriate clothing is an “essential” you really need to pay attention to.

Farming is all about digging up the soil, planting seeds, composting plants and cultivating the land. At certain times, you need to work with your bare hands and walk barefoot in the field. Still, protecting your body is crucial to perform all your tasks. Here’s the list of items you need to wear while on the farm.

Farm Boots and Clogs

Although there is a variety of gardening shoes, not all of them are safe and comfortable. In that case, boots or clogs are the most suitable choice. They not only keep your feet dry but are designed to protect you from harmful chemicals. Read: Routine Foot Care: Footwear Fundamentals

A Wide Hat

Excessive exposure to UV rays can be dangerous for your skin and overall health. It can cause skin cancer and premature ageing. Considering that, the next essential attire for your farming chores is a wide-brimmed hat. Along with providing you some shade, it can also steer you clear of heat stroke and other traumatic health complications, keeping your head cool. Read: How to Avoid Hat Hair

An Apron

Whether it is a waistline apron or a pinafore that covers your body, an apron can keep your clothes clean and dirt and fertilizer-free. Whenever you shop for an apron, buy the one made from hard fiber. That is because you won’t to expose your body to harsh chemicals and whatnot.

Gardening Gloves

While working on the farm, you will have to handle pesticides and other chemicals, which if you aren’t careful, could lead to debilitating health complications. However, you must choose gloves that serve a specific purpose. Although rubber gloves are widely used for farm work, leather gloves are the best choice when you are working with thorny plants or when you’re spraying pesticides and insecticides. Read: Care For Your Hands


as their working outfit Quality dungarees are more durable and comfortable. They are flexible, which means you can comfortably bend, especially when shoveling or composting. Adding to that, you will have plenty of pockets to keep different things.

Now that you have a clear idea about the must-have clothes for farming, remember that your body is the most important equipment for your work. Therefore, you really have to choose appropriate clothes to protect yourself.

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