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If you’ve always worn classic, somewhat proper clothing that befits an office environment, you may have the urge to go a little wild on the weekend, shed those conservative clothes, and slip into something a bit more comfortable. Bohemian style dress gives you a chance to do just that while staying right in fashion.

The bohemian style in fashion is a throwback to the 1970’s hippie scene when people wore long flowing fabrics, pheasant blouses, faded jeans, and chunky, natural jewelry. To dress like a bohemian, you don’t have to buy brand new hippie themed wardrobe. Why not add a few interesting pieces with boho flair to the wardrobe you already have? Here are some suggestions on how to wear bohemian style dress without spending a fortune:

Resurrect those faded jeans

Now’s the time to bring out that faded pair of jeans resting in the back of your closet and pair them with a long flowing blouse and sandals for a comfortable spring and summer look that’s all boho. Add a few bangle bracelets and an oversized hobo bag and you’re ready to tackle a casual day of shopping bohemian style

Buy a pair of 1970’s inspired boots

If you’re serious about the bohemian look, you’ll want to purchase a pair of 1970’s inspired leather boots to wear with knee length skirts and boho style dresses. They’ll coordinate perfectly with ruffled, gypsy creations and your casual denim attire and will mark you as a true boho fashionista.

Layer on the chunky jewelry

Layer on necklaces with natural and stone beads in materials ranging from wood to turquoise. To add even more bohemian flair, visit your local bead store and learn how to make your own hippie style necklace creations. These necklaces will add style and flair to almost any casual, boho style outfit and will give you lots of versatility. Remember, the word bohemian stands for “free thinking” which means you want your jewelry and accessories to be as individual as you are.

Shop vintage clothing and thrift stores

Find some great deals on hippie style clothing by visiting local vintage clothing stores and thrift boutiques. You can pick up some truly authentic boho fashion items for a pittance. Look for faded, worn jeans, long flowing tops, gypsy style skirts, Indian inspired prints, seventies style boots and sandals, as well as unusual vintage jewelry. By doing a little footwork, you can put together a bohemian style wardrobe for almost nothing.

Bohemian style dress gives you a chance to express yourself and still be fashion forward and comfortable. Find out how best to express your boho side!

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