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The cold winter weather can be hard on your skin, and that dry air can be especially hard on your feet. Dry, cracked skin is a common problem when the temperatures start to drop, but there are ways to fight back and keep your toes in great shape all year long. Here are some essential skin care tips to keep your feet happy and healthy no matter how cold it gets outside.

Use Moisturizer

Indoor heat can really dry out the air in the winter, so keep your moisturizer nearby and use it often. Applying moisturizer to your tired feet will make them feel better and help you avoid dry, cracked skin.

Treat Yourself to a Soothing Bath

Keeping your feet clean is a big part of smart winter skin care, so treat yourself to a bubble bath or some soothing bath oil. Use a moisturizing shower gel or soap, and dry your feet thoroughly as soon as you leave the tub.

Give Your Feet Some Breathing Room

It may be tempting to keep your feet covered 24/7, especially when the temperature drops and your little piggies get cold. Even so, it is important to give your feet the breathing room they need, so pull off those slippers and go barefoot once in awhile.

Keep Your Nails Neatly Trimmed

Sandal season may be a distant memory, but that is no reason to let your toenails grow wild. Keeping your nails neatly trimmed is even more important in the cold winter months, so keep your nail file nearby. Even better, treat yourself to a pedicure – a little pampering is a sure cure for the winter blues.

Treat Your Damaged Nails Promptly

Nail damage is common in winter, and it is important to treat it promptly. Use a quality nail oil that contains tea tree oil or similar anti-fungal agents, and always follow the instructions on the package to make the treatment as effective as possible.

Enjoy a Regular Foot Massage

Nothing soothes tired winter feet quite like a soothing foot massage, so grab your partner and ask for a foot rub. You can also treat yourself to a foot massage using an electric foot massager or soothing foot bath with massage action.

It is not easy to keep your feet fresh and happy in the winter. The cold weather can chill your toes to the bone, and the dry air can leave your skin dry, cracked and painful. Even so, you do not have to give into these winter woes, and spending some time caring for your feet can help you avoid the worst those winter foot care blues.

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