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Salon pedicures may look good, but they can be expensive, and you run the risk of infection from shared tools and unhygienic conditions. Home pedicures will leave your feet feeling soft and looking great, while also saving you money on expensive salon treatments. Here are five tips for the perfect pedicure.


Always use clean tools when giving yourself a pedicure. Bacteria, fungus, and other germs accumulate on your feet and under your toenails, which can then transfer to your pedicure tools. Every time you use nail clippers, nail files, pumice stones, toe separators, and other equipment on your feet, it’s important to disinfect the tools, as this will reduce the risk of infection.


Soak your feet in warm soapy water for at least 10 minutes to soften your skin. Next, use a pumice stone or skin file to remove any patches of dry skin on the soles of your feet and around your toes. Use the tip of your finger or a soft implement to push your cuticles back gently. Avoid using orange sticks or metal implements on your cuticles, as these can damage the nail bed and lead to infection. Dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes.


Always cut and file your toenails straight across to help prevent ingrown toenails; avoid cutting or filing the sides of your nails. Metal nail files and rough emery boards can split your nails, so choose a crystal file or fine emery board for shaping your nails and smoothing any rough edges.


A foot massage boosts circulation, reduces stress, and helps to soften the skin. Start by applying a generous layer of moisturizer to your feet. Alternatively, you can use coconut oil, which contains antifungal and antibacterial properties to keep your feet healthy. Massage your feet firmly, paying particular attention to the soles and arches, as these are the areas that hold the most tension.

Nail Polish

Toenails can stain easily, especially if you’re using dark nail polish, so it’s important to coat them with a base. Before applying nail polish, use a small paintbrush or makeup brush to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or coconut oil to the skin around your toenails, as this will prevent the polish from sticking to your skin. Once your nail polish has dried, you can use a damp cloth to wipe any polish off your skin.

Home pedicures can save time and money, while also reducing the risks that come from using a salon’s shared tools. Disinfecting your pedicure tools after use and regularly replacing disposable items, such as emery boards, will help to prevent infection.

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How To Have A Very Romantic Valentine’s Day (Farmgirl Style!)

Doesn’t it seem like we just got through the holiday season? The end of winter brings in a slew of great holidays. My favorite is Valentine’s Day!

The thing about Valentine’s Day is that it’s about showing love. That doesn’t have to cost you a dime, particularly if you have an entire homestead at your disposal. Use these frugal homesteading ideas to make your Valentine’s Day more romantic!

DIY bouquets

A bouquet of roses is romantic, for sure. But where’s the fun in selecting a tidy bouquet from the store? Get creative with the tradition of gifting flowers. Pick flowers from your yard, garden, or field. Look for what’s in season. Citrus buds, onion flower, bean flower, and herbs like rosemary make for a beautiful and unique centerpiece.

If you’re snowed in, consider a bouquet made from grasses and twigs. I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but it’s doable! Check out Pinterest for some cute twig, stick, and grass bouquets.

Beer or wine

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to pour a bottle of red wine. But if you have fruit trees or berries, you can make your own! Pour a glass of homemade cider, cherry wine, or stout. They go great with chocolate or a romantic picnic dinner.

Mason jar goodies

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to craft adorable Mason jar treats. Instead of giving store bought chocolates to your valentine, make something more exciting. Bake red velvet cake and cut it into circles with the Mason jar rings. Layer the cake with cream cheese frosting until the jar is full. Top with the lid and attach a spoon with a ribbon. Homemade cake in a jar is so much more delicious than a pack of heart candy!

Who says you need to spend hundreds of dollars for Valentine’s Day? Use materials from your homestead to make the day extra special with less fuss.

Try these scrumptious ideas from (our favorite) voice of authority for all things romantic: The Dating Divas.

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