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In some natural hair circles, growing your hair as long as possible is a huge priority. Natural hair YouTubers do frequent “length checks,” and it seems like the longer the hair, the better! But once your hair actually gets to an impressive length, you may run into another problem: maintaining it. Keeping waist length hair detangled is no small matter, and figuring out how to style all that hair can be daunting. Luckily, there are a few products that make it significantly easier.

A mist water bottle

Not all water bottles are created equal. Regular water bottles, that you can find at CVS or Rite Aid, shoot a single jet of water at your hair, which is pretty inefficient and somewhat annoying. With a mist water bottle, you get a sustained mist that actually wets your hair without soaking it. Plus, it produces more water at a time, so you don’t have to keep spraying and spraying at the same section. These water bottles are amazing, trust me. You can find one at Sally’s or other salon stores.

Ridiculously large hair clips

This seems so simple, but it’s easy to just keep using the same hair clips that you’ve always used and then getting frustrated that your hair doesn’t stay in one place for long. Rather than pile extra hair clips into your hair, just buy a few jumbo clips. I went ahead and got the ones that looked, to me, comically large — they were the biggest ones that they had at the store — and they’re perfect! I can actually put all of my hair up with one clip again.

Don’t throw your small hair clips away, though. I still use mine often to clip the front of my hair back, since otherwise, it gets in my face all day long.

A jar of deep conditioner

All naturalistas should have deep conditioner on hand at all times, especially in cold or dry weather. However, some women can get away with buying packets or smaller quantities. Not you with the long hair, my friend. You need an entire hefty jar. While you might technically be able to cover your head with a packet-sized amount, a jar allows you to apply the deep conditioner generously without worrying about running out, which is important when you have a never-ending supply of curls.

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