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Sporting a mane of long, flowing curls makes you feel glamorous, and beachy waves are fun to wear, but sometimes it’s hard to keep your curl from falling. If you can curl your hair with a wand or curling iron but then find you have trouble keeping the style all day, try these 5 tips. If you follow this advice, your curl is sure to last.

Protect your hair.

Hair that has been over-processed or damaged by heat can be hard to style and will often not want to conform to the curls you want. If you regularly use a hair dryer, a curling iron or other heated appliances for styling, you could be doing some serious damage to your hair. That’s also a possible reason that your curl isn’t staying in place.

If your hair is already damaged, the best thing to do is cut it and start again. If it’s not too far gone, try using a repairing shampoo and conditioner. Once your locks are healthy and strong, keep them that way by consistently applying heat protection before you dry or style your hair.

Choose a small barrel.

The barrel you choose has a lot to do with the quality of your curl. While you may choose a larger barrel to get a bigger curl, know that smaller curls will last longer. If you have trouble keeping your curl, switch to a wand or iron with a smaller barrel.

Also, avoid curling large amounts of hair at the same time. Carefully divide your hair into small sections and curl each one.

Use enough heat.

Infusing heat into your hair is what will give your curl its shape. If you don’t have enough heat, your curl won’t last. High heat can damage your hair, so don’t set the temperature too high, either. You should be able to get a good curl at a temperature between 300 and 350 degrees.

Let it set.

Your curl will last longer if it stays in a curl until it has cooled completely. You can make this happen by using bobby pins. Each time you curl a strand of hair, immediately hold onto the curl and secure it to your head with a bobby pin. Let your curls set this way as you continue curling your hair. When you’ve finished the last curl, let it set for about 30 seconds before taking out the bobby pins. If you have a cool setting on your hair dryer, blow cool air on your curls for several seconds before letting them down.

Spritz it with hairspray.

Create a better texture for a long-lasting curl by spraying hairspray on your hair before and after you curl. Hold the hairspray far enough away from your head to let the spray fall down like a mist. After spraying, wrap each strand around the wand or curling iron. Then spray the curl lightly again after you remove the heat or after you pin the curl to your head to set.

These 5 strategies will help you keep your curls or waves looking full and fabulous throughout the day.

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Oh, we are all about…

Creating Shapely Legs

With the trend toward leggings and skin-tight jeans, having shapely legs is even more critical than ever. Getting your legs in shape is a task that requires more than one strategy, particularly if you haven’t made an effort before now. For the best results, you should use as many of the following tips as you can to tone and beautify your legs.

Eat Well

One essential component of encouraging your legs to look their best is to eat nutritious food filled with vitamins and minerals. Not only does this strategy provide your legs with the nutrition they need to look healthy, but it also helps to keep your legs thin and shapely.


Unless you hydrate your body adequately each day, your skin can suffer the kind of damage that leads you to creases, wrinkles, and discoloration. While some of these skin issues are going to develop anyway as you age, hydrating can help to slow down this process.


Keeping your legs feeling soft and looking smooth could be as simple as using specialized beauty products designed to help your skin retain moisture. Leg creams, lotions, gels, and butters offer rich moisturizing ingredients that enhance the natural beauty of your skin. Using one of these products once a day can make all of the difference between rough, scaly legs and smooth, attractive ones.


Whether or not you are a sun worshiper, you should use a protective lotion or cream that safeguards your skin against the harshness of the sun’s rays. Not only does this strategy help to prevent unwanted wrinkles and early aging, but it can also protect you against skin cancer. In addition to sunscreen lotions and creams, you can use cosmetics, soaps, and lotions offering protection against the sun’s rays.


If your legs look somewhat thicker than you would like, you might want to incorporate toning exercises into your routine. For the best results, you should include split squats, chair squats, leg lifts, and lunges.

If you want beautiful legs, it is up to you to do something about it. Take the time to create a beauty routine that you can follow on a daily basis to promote healthier, softer, slimmer looking legs. If you want to achieve exceptional results, you should approach this task from all angles, including nutrition, exercise, and skin care.

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