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It’s almost time for lots of summer fun and sun! While the warm months of the year are great for homesteading, the time spent outside can wreak havoc on your body. Despite our best efforts, our hair and skin can become damaged by the sun.

The result of working outside every day can end in painful irritation and embarrassing appearance for your hair or skin. Here’s how you can treat and prevent damage to both.


Oil treatment

Got fried ends? The first thing you need to do is smooth the frazzled follicles with oil.

Microwave three tablespoons of coconut oil until it’s just warm. Slather the warm oil on your hair, from scalp to tip. Allow the oil to sit for 30 minutes before gently washing and conditioning.

Skip the styling

You probably aren’t curling your hair before you slop the pigs, but we have to say this anyway! Skip heat styling to prevent damage to your already-damaged hair. Look up heat-free styles instead, like ponytails and braids, which are also farm-friendly.

Trim it

Your hair needs a trim every few months anyway, but it especially needs trimming after repeated sun exposure. When the ends of your hair are damaged and brittle, that can lead to breakage on the entire strand. By trimming your hair regularly, you’re preventing damage.

Homemade hair care

The following recipes can help you look and feel great without paying a fortune:

Anti-Dandruff treatment

¼ cup of vinegar
1 cup of water
After conditioning hair, use the mix as your final wash. For smooth, soft and dandruff free hair.

Avocado Hair Conditioner

1 avocado
3 tablespoons of coconut milk

Combine mashed avocado and coconut milk, apply to hair and comb it through, leave it sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse as normal

Honey Treatment for Split Ends

2 tbsp of olive oil
1 tsp of honey
1 egg yolk

Combine olive oil and egg yolk together in a bowl, beat the egg yolk into the mixture. Massage onto hair in small sections, wrap hair with cling wrap or shower cap for 30 minutes then rinse and style as normal.

Egg Shampoo

1 egg
1 tsp of olive oil
1 tsp of lemon juice
1 tbsp of castile soap
½ cup of herbal tea
2 drops of essential oil of your choice

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Shampoo hair as normal.



Sometimes your skin needs a good scrubbing to remove signs of sun damage. Combine ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon with one tablespoon of honey. Mix the two together and massage on your face for 60 seconds. Rinse and moisturize for a fresh face.

If you want to get rid of dark spots on your arms, some people swear by soaking them with lemon juice for 10 minutes.


Damaged skin craves moisture. Try rubbing in coconut oil and aloe on sun-damaged arms or legs.

For a facial moisturizer, combine 3 tablespoons coconut oil, 3 tablespoons shea butter, and a few drops of vitamin E. Apply twice a day to stay hydrated.


Keep in mind that you need to wear sunscreen every time you step outside, regardless of the time of year or weather. Sun rays are always hitting our skin and causing long-term damage. Add an SPF 30 sunscreen to your morning routine so you never forget to prevent damage.

Banana Hand and Foot cream

lemon juice
1 tbsp of margarine

Combine all ingredients together, and smear or hands and feet before going to bed ( wear gloves and socks to bed) then rinse off in morning

Easy fingernail Treatment

1 Egg yolk

Beat egg yolk in a bowl and soak fingernails for 5-10 minutes and rinse.

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Oh, we are all about…

Natural Hair Hacks For Ethnic Hair

Are you tired of watching girls on YouTube do the “big chop” and share their journey to healthy hair growth while you have terminally short hair that refuses to grow beyond your ear lobes? We understand. Every natural hair vlogger says that growing out ethnic hair is a process, but for some of us, it seems like our hair is stuck in stage one. Maybe a little natural hair care can help. Here are four natural hair hacks for ethnic hair to promote growth and lush, healthy hair!

Supplement With Biotin

Biotin is one of the best supplements to take when you want your hair and nails to grow. Evidence of the vitamin’s effectiveness is shown just days after consistently taking it for four weeks. You should be cautious, however, not to overdose on this supplement. Biotin can have adverse effects when taken in excess. As a rule of thumb any dosage over 2,500mcg should be modified down to reduce the risk of experiencing adverse symptoms. Stop taking biotin if the state of your hair worsens or remains the same after six weeks of consistent consumption.

Use Your Body’s Natural Oil

Your hair is not a dry mess despite what commercials would have you believe. Your scalp emits natural oils that moisturize and may prevent hair loss due to dryness. Getting access to your body’s natural hair oil is a matter of massaging the scalp with a brush. Such action increases blood flow and spreads the oil evenly across the head.

For more on ethnic hair care, you might like: Haircare Tips: Repairing & Protecting African American Hair

Eat For Ethnic Hair Growth

What goes in comes out in one way or another. If you are looking to increase hair growth, then you should consider protein. Consuming fish for breakfast, beef for lunch and chicken provide much-needed nutrients that your hair needs to thrive.

Shampoo Less Often

The “no poo” movement may have begun as a sort of experiment, but it is now the premiere way to cleanse. Exchanging your daily or weekly hair routine for a “no poo” experience may be the determining factor of whether or not your hair will be long in the future.

A life of healthy, luscious hair is yours for the taking. Take advantage of these simple hair hacks for ethnic hair to see positive results.

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