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Don’t choose between beauty and function. It’s 100% possible to look fabulous while you seed the yard, slop the hogs, or cull chickens. After much trial and error, I’ve narrowed down the top three hairstyles that are not only fashionable, but functional and farm-friendly. These styles work best with medium to long length hair.


I know pigtails aren’t the most sophisticated-looking hairstyle, but boy are they effective. Pigtails get long hair out of your face in a way that’s both beautiful and functional.

I used to get so annoyed with my bangs while gardening. Then I learned how to French braid my bangs into my pigtails. Now I can garden without wisps of hair falling into my face.

Here’s a tutorial.

High ponytail

If you want something more sleek and sophisticated than pigtails, a high pony is a great option. I believe high ponytails are better than low ponytails because they keep your hair off of your neck. When you’re sweating out in the sun, you’re grateful to have a little less heat on your neck.

I like to use water and hair spray to flatten down my bangs and flyaways before tossing my hair in a high ponytail. This keeps my hair looking good no matter what I’m doing, inside or outside.

Here’s a tutorial for a fancy high ponytail.


I live and die by the phrase “Messy bun and getting stuff done.” This is one of the easiest ways to do your hair for doing strenuous chores!

But instead of a typical messy bun, opt for a sock bun. A sock bun uses a sock or another kind of hair styling tool to wrap your hair into a nice bun. This doesn’t just make your bun look voluptuous and fancy—it makes the bun last longer. If you’re worried about your hair falling out of a bun, a styling tool will keep it in place longer.

Here’s a tutorial on using a bun tool.

We don’t have to compromise between function and looking good while working on the homestead. Use these hairstyles to look fashionable and get more done without worrying about your hair.

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I have been keeping my hair short for the past few years because it’s just so much easier to handle. But these are some great ideas for simple yet pretty hair styles.


High ponytail is my way to go. I just think it looks fresh on me. Of course it also helps preventing my hair from messing with the dirts and stuff. And yeah it’s really important to tie your hair up during work!

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