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It’s a sad reality that most Americans have a fear of going gray and will take whatever measures necessary to cover up this tell tale sign of aging. This is unfortunate since gray hair can be stunning. Letting hair go gray demonstrates that you have confidence and aren’t afraid to show your age. Some people even believe that gray hair is a sign of wisdom. While this may not be universally true, the right shade of gray hair can be a glamorous and sophisticated fashion accessory. Here’s how to look chic with gray hair.

Go gray beautifully: Play up the gray with fashion accessories

Gray hair looks stunning when you play it up with the right clothing and accessories. Try adding some cool steel grays, silver, and to your wardrobe. Make these your signature colors and add stunning sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Go for classic, high quality clothing you can mix and match with bold silver fashion accessories and black strappy heels. When you combine this style of dressing with gray hair, you’ll look ultra-sophisticated. If you want to add a little color, try red or royal blue. These colors can enhance the beauty of silvertoned hair.

Go gray beautifully: Let it grow long.

The old rule of cutting your hair above the shoulders after the age of forty and wearing gray hair short is archaic. Beautifully conditioned gray hair can look stunning worn below the shoulders. One caveat. If you have a great deal of wrinkling or loose skin on your face, a chic, contemporary shoulder length cut may be more flattering. Subtle layering can also soften facial lines and volume to your hair. Go for a cut that looks modern and youthful. It may help to talk to a hairdresser who specializes in cutting gray hair.

Go gray beautifully: Change your makeup.

Gray hair can cause some complexions to look washed out which is a reason some women aren’t satisfied with their gray hair. As your hair goes gray, reevaluate your makeup choices. If you’re using makeup shades with brown undertones, you’ll probably find they make you look pale and sallow. Choose lipsticks and blush in shades of pink, peach, or apricot to brighten your complexion. For eye shadow and eyeliner, explore silver, soft gray, and navy shades. These colors can be very flattering with gray hair. Don’t be afraid to try something new. This is a chance to reinvent yourself.

Go gray beautifully: Enhance the color.

To enhance your gray hair and allow it to reflect the light beautifully, use a color enhancing shampoo specifically made for highlighting gray or silver hair. These shampoos usually have blue tints that counteract unattractive yellow tones. Using these shampoos will make your gray hair look shinier and brighter in color. Always follow up with a good conditioner so your gray hair will have maximal shine. These’s nothing more flattering than soft, shiny gray hair that reflects the light.

There’s no need to fear going gray. More and more women are choosing to forego hair dyes and letting their hair go naturally gray. Why not join them?

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Oh, we are all about…

Four Secrets Of (Frugal) Homesteading

We talked about frugality before, but have really talked about it? There are so many ways we can work to make homesteading even more affordable. When you’re making a living from your land, you want to maximize the value of every egg, tomato, and rabbit. Here are six more ways to keep homesteading easy on your pocketbook!

Hair-raising uses for hair clippings

There’s nothing wrong with a professional haircut, but home trims are an amazing way to save money and deter pests from your property. My great-grandma Mary used to trim all of her grandkids’ hair once a month. She would move to a different area of the property boundary each time, leaving the hair clippings on the ground. She said it helped prevent pesky animals like deer from raiding her garden. I thought it was silly at the time, but come to think of it, I never saw a deer on her ten-acre property!


Compost is every homesteader’s best friend. Re-purpose everything from grass clippings to vegetable scraps to shredded junk mail with composting. Over time, you’ll get high quality compost to use in your garden.

Grow medicine

There’s obviously a time and place for store-bought medicine. But if you frequently battle annoying ailments things like mild cramps, cuts, or insect bites, you can grow herbs for some relief. For example, a poultice of lemon balm can stop itchy mosquito bites. For added frugality, consult with your vet to see what herbs can also be grown to treat your animals.

Freeze eggs

Yes, believe it or not, you can freeze eggs. My sister raises chickens and ducks and freezes her leftover eggs all the time. This prevents eggs from going to waste, putting each one to good use. Crack the eggs and gently mix together before freezing in a Ziploc. I only recommend using frozen eggs for baking; otherwise the texture is a little off. Use three tablespoons of frozen egg mixture for every egg in the recipe.

The bottom line

Homesteading doesn’t have to be hard on your budget. Use these quick, frugal tips for easy homesteading without breaking the bank.

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