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Brittle hair that breaks easily can be the result of many different things, including heat damage, regular styling, some health conditions and exposure to environmental pollutants. Whatever the cause of brittle hair, there are ways to improve the condition and strength of your hair while also helping to protect the hair follicle and root. Follow these tips to strengthen your hair and prevent breakage.


Diet has a major impact on all areas of the body, including your hair. Hair needs vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to stay healthy. A poor diet can cause brittle, coarse and thin hair, and can sometimes lead to hair loss. Eat plenty of foods rich in B vitamins, particularly biotin, as B vitamins are essential for healthy hair and skin. Vitamin C, zinc and iron are also crucial for maintaining strong hair follicles.

Hair Products

Styling products, hair dyes and even your regular shampoo can all take their toll on your hair, stripping it of natural oils and leaving it more susceptible to breakage. Look for products that contain ingredients that will nourish and protect your hair, such as olive oil, keratin and egg albumen. Avoid products containing alcohol, formaldehyde and parabens, as these can all damage hair and dry it out.

Heated Styling

Heated styling, such as blow drying, straightening and curling your hair, can damage the hair follicles and lead to weak, dull and straw-like hair. Before using heated appliances on wet hair, allow your hair to dry naturally for at least half an hour, as this will give it the chance to absorb some moisture. Apply a heat protection spray before styling and always use the lowest heat setting.

Hair Masks

Applying a weekly hair mask to repair and nourish your hair will help to strengthen the follicles, leave your hair feeling soft and make it easier to manage. There are many commercial products available containing ingredients that help to strengthen hair, such as argan oil, avocado and egg. Alternatively, you can make your own hair mask with ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard. Bananas, egg yolks, olive oil and coconut oil are all excellent ingredients for homemade hair masks.

Brittle hair can be caused by heat styling, product build-up, poor diet and even some health conditions. Eating a healthy diet, avoiding harsh chemicals in hair products, taking precautions when styling and using weekly hair masks will all help to strengthen your hair and prevent breakage.

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