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Curly hair that is prone to frizzing can be difficult to style and often feels dry or straw-like. Changes in the weather, harsh ingredients found in some hair products and even your diet can all make your hair more prone to frizz. Fortunately, there are ways to tame frizzy hair.

Glycerin Shampoo and Conditioner

Frizzy hair is often the result of dry hair that is unable to retain moisture. Unlike many shampoo ingredients, glycerin is able to penetrate the hair and deliver moisture directly to the hair shaft. Glycerin can also help to strengthen hair and protect it from damage. Choose shampoo and conditioner that contains glycerin to help keep your hair hydrated.

Use a T-Shirt to Dry Hair

Towel drying your hair is one of the worst things you can do if your hair is prone to frizzing. The material used in towels and the friction created by rubbing your hair will cause frizzing and could potentially damage the hair follicles. When you’ve finished washing your hair, squeeze the excess moisture out gently with your hands, then wrap your hair in an old t-shirt. The t-shirt will soak up any remaining moisture without the need for friction.

Allow Hair to Dry Naturally

Blow drying hair, particularly when it’s soaking wet, is another major cause of frizzing. Allow hair to dry naturally, or at least wait 20 to 30 minutes after washing before blow drying your hair. Use the coolest setting and hold the blow dryer as far away from your hair as possible. If you intend to use other heated appliances to style your hair, make sure you blow dry your hair first, as straighteners and curling irons can be particularly damaging to wet hair.

Use Oil Treatments

Regular oil treatments help to keep your hair hydrated, soft and smooth. You can use commercial products, or you can make your own oil treatments at home. Coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil and avocado oil are all good for taming frizzy hair. Apply your chosen oil to the full length of your hair and leave for up to an hour for an anti-frizz hair mask that will leave your hair smooth and shiny.

Find the Right Products

Products to prevent frizz come in many different forms, including serums, creams and lotions. Finding the right products will depend on your hair type, as there is no single product that suits everyone. Experiment with different products to find the right ones to suit your hair.

Frizzy hair can be difficult to manage and is often the result of dry, dehydrated hair. Choosing shampoo and conditioner containing glycerin, drying your hair with a t-shirt, allowing hair to dry naturally, using oil treatments and finding the rights products will all help to tame frizzy hair.

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Oh, we are all about…

Farmer’s Markets: Beyond Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

by Evelyn Fielding

Of course you can buy fruits and vegetables at the Farmer’s Market—fresh, in season, and packed with nutrients. But did you know many vendors also offer home baked breads, delicious jams and jellies, and even organic soaps? Buying these products direct from small producers ensures you’re getting the best of family traditions and innovation.

Baked goods from the Farmer’s Market offer you an excellent alternative to dry, artificially preserved breads and rolls from the grocery store. Whole grain breads that still hold the imprint of a loving hand are absolutely delicious. Read the ingredients—you can pronounce them! Many of the sweets are produced from family recipes multiplied to feed hungry Farmer’s Market visitors, carrying on the tradition of using nothing but the finest ingredients in food.

You remember the fruit jams your grandmother used to make…clear and sparkling, packed with bits of perfectly ripe fruit just picked from the tree and vine. So delicious on a warm slice of handmade bread, and not too sweet. Even fine artisan jams and jellies from the grocery store can’t match the love and care that goes into a jar of goodness from someone’s kitchen.

Hand made soaps and bath products are very hard to find even in good alternative grocery stores. Soap making with goat’s milk, pure glycerin, and the best essential oils is an art form few people have the talent and courage to explore. Yet these products are a necessity for anyone with allergies or sensitivity to some of the artificial ingredients in soap. Going organic means introducing green products into every aspect of your life—including the bath.

While you’re shopping for fresh veggies for this evening’s dinner, take a look at the vendors who offer fresh baked goods, delicious jams and jellies, home produced soap, and other fine products. Everything for sale at the Farmer’s Market is produced by local folks who take immense pride in their offerings—take advantage of that love and care to improve your own family’s health and well-being.

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