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A hair gel that costs under $1, contains nothing but beneficial ingredients, and actually works? Could it really exist?! Yes, it does, and it’s about to become your new favorite hair product. Flax seed gel is incredibly easy to make, and it only uses one ingredient — whole flax seeds, which you can buy in bulk for practically nothing. And yes, it actually works.

Flax Seed Gel Benefits

Most store-bought gels dry out natural curls, but flax seed gel actually moisturizes your hair. Flax seeds contain vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which are great for your scalp and follicles. They nourish and strengthen the hair while also promoting hair growth.

Of course, all this would mean little if it didn’t effectively hold your hair in place — but it does! Flax seed gel provides a medium hold that’s perfect for all-over use, smoothing your frizz and flyaways into place all day. Your curls won’t be crunchy or stiff with this gel, either. There’s no flaking or shedding. It’s comparable to Kinky Curly’s Knot Today, but with a stronger hold.

How to Make DIY Flax Seed Gel

Are you ready for how easy this is? Okay. You need:

¼ to ½ cup of WHOLE flax seeds (not ground) depending on your desired thickness
2 cups of water
Cheesecloth or pantyhose
An airtight container
Pour the flax seeds into a pot. The more flax seed you use, the thicker your gel will be.

Add the water, and bring it to a boil over low/medium heat.

Stir the seeds regularly to ensure that they don’t stick to the bottom of the pot.

Keep an eye on the stove. When you see a trail of gel-like liquid start to form — it should look like mucus — turn off the heat and continue stirring.

Wait about 30 minutes for the mixture to cool. By now, it should have thickened up quite a bit.

Place the cheesecloth or pantyhose on top of the container, and strain the mixture in. It’s thick, so you’ll have to squeeze with your hands, but don’t worry — the gel is good for your skin!

The flax seed gel will keep in the fridge for about two weeks.

And the best part? The seeds can be stored and used over and over again.

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Oh, we are all about…

Ten Steps for Beautiful Eyes

by Gail Kavanagh

It is said that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul – and there is little doubt that a pair of beautiful, sparkling eyes can be a real asset.

Improve your general eye health

Include more fish and green vegetables in your diet, and cut down on white flour and sugar. Researchers at Tufts University in Boston found that so-called `bad carbs’ like refined sugar and flour can raise the risk of poor eye health in later years. On the other hand, fish oils and antioxidants can keep them sparkling!

Deal with those dark circles

If they are caused by late nights and too much coffee, you need to change your habits, for the sake of your eyes. Get some more sleep (they don’t call it `beauty sleep’ for nothing!) and switch to herbal teas. Bilberry was used by British and US pilots in WWII to improve night vision and has long been recognized as beneficial for eyes. Chamomile tea will help you sleep, and the cooled tea bags can be used as relaxing eye compresses.

Open up the eye area

Get your eyebrows professionally plucked. It’s amazing what a different this will make. The whole eye area will become lighter and brighter, the better to show off your make up!

Use a good eye cream

This doesn’t have to be expensive. Choose an eye cream that works for you, designed to concentrate on your areas of concern, such as puffiness or lines. It must be applied very gently, never rub or drag the cream onto the eye area. Just gently pat it on, avoiding contact with the eye itself. Even the best cream will sting and make your eyes water if you get it into the eyes. Cooled chamomile tea bags or slices of cucumber will help reduce puffiness, while egg white will tighten the skin around the eyes.

Do simple eye exercises

You can do these when you are waiting in traffic, or any other time when you have time to kill. They strengthen the eyes and help with the burning and itching of `computer eyes’. Just look up, and then down, right and then left and roll your eyes. You need to do each movement around ten times, looking as far as you can in one direction.

Use a light hand with make up for day

In daylight hours, you want to enhance your eyes. Use a light concealer to mask dark shadows, and powder gently over the eye area so make up does not run or cake into creases. Use a light powder shadow in a color to tone with your eyes. Don’t use dark or heavy eye brow pencils or eye liner, as these will age your eyes in daylight. Use eye shadow in the correct brown tone, applied with a brush to your eyebrows, as this will look more natural. Eye shadow can also substitute for eye liner and will look softer.

Sparkle at night

Evening is the time to add shine to your eyes with iridescent or metallic eye shadows. Gold tones look sumptuous and silver stands right out, but don’t overlook the possibilities in other glowing shades. A trick for soft but glamorous evening eyes is to use a darker tone of your eye shadow as eye liner. Use an eye lash curler to give definition to your lashes and apply thickening mascara. Use a light colored concealer to make your eyes stand right out.

Clean off make up thoroughly

It’s time worn advice, but no less essential for that. Eye make up left on while you sleep will irritate or even damage the eyes. Use a gentle cleansing pad and remove all traces of make up before you go to bed. Apply an overnight cream to hydrate the eye area.

Protect your eyes in strong sunlight

Sunglasses are not just from hiding from the paparazzi! Get the best sunglasses you can afford and make sure they wrap around the sides of you eyes. UV rays will damage your unprotected eyes and give you lines that have nothing to do with smiling, and be impossible to eradicate. Protect you skin and eyes from the sun and you will not need expensive creams or surgery in the future.

The last tip is attributed to Audrey Hepburn, whose eyes were legendary: “for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others.” Attitude can count for a lot – smile lines are better than frown lines, eyes that shine with hope and compassion will always be beautiful.

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