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Prolonged exposure to UV rays and environmental conditions inevitably make your hands rough and dry. From manure to harvesting, your hands work the most in the whole farming process. It’s quite obvious that performing your farming chores in harsh temperatures will never leave your hands the same as they were before, soft and smooth. Yet, what if I told you that you could still achieve that supple and smooth look and feel as before? Surprise right? Well, read on:

Moisturize to Get Wrinkle-Free Skin

With winter slowly approaching, you’ll still have to do field work and chores in unfavorable weather conditions. Constant exposure to dry weather, dirt and chemicals can damage your skin and cause dryness that will eventually result in wrinkly skin. Apart from that, you probably wash hands more frequently because of all that dirt and dust handling plants and whatnot. For smooth and silky soft hands, moisturize them with coconut or olive oil after every wash.

Cover your Hands to Protect Skin from Damage

Working under the sun all day long can sap moisture from your skin. Not to mention, the heat and UV rays are known to dehydrate the skin. Furthermore, working with your bare hands can make dry skin worse. Remember that prevention is better than treatment, so wearing gloves is the only way to cover your hands to protect them long-term damage. . I understand that you can’t wear them all the time while you are in the field, but you should still try keeping your hands covered for as long as you can. Also, try to keep gloves in your pocket so, you don’t forget to wear them.

Exfoliate your Hands to Reveal Young Skin

Exfoliating your face is crucial to eliminate dirt layers and excess oil. However, your hands also need the same process to get the fresh, youthful look back. Exfoliating your hands will remove the top layer of your skin, specifically the dead cells. This will help rejuvenate your skin while making it silkier than ever before. In case your hands are severely dry, using a pumice stone will work well to remove chapped skin. Furthermore, there are several natural scrubs that you can make at home and use to exfoliate your hands. The simplest, quickest and easiest one is a scrub made with sugar granules and olive oil.

Things you need to Protect your Hands From

Using synthetic soaps that include sulfates, fragrances and preservatives will make your skin dry. In addition to that, the antibacterial and foaming soaps also take away natural moisture and oils of your skin. Instead of using such soap, you must choose moisturizing cleansers.

Try and wear gloves when you’re working avoid using vinyl gloves and opt for light, flexible rubber gloves that let your skin breathe.

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Lipstick Colors For Fair Complexions

According to a study by L’Oréal, there is “the actual color and the perceived color of skin” that should be considered when choosing the right makeup colors. If your skin tone is extra fair finding the best lipstick colors for your complexions is a hard thing to do because most colors can be overpowering. Deep, bold lipstick colors can be suitable when drama is needed, like for a date night. Softer shades however, are the most flattering for everyday wear.

Pink lipstick

Pink colored lipstick can help a pale complexion look healthy and vibrant. Care needs to be taken so that the pink color chosen doesn’t have a white undertone, unless you’re going for a 1960s look. The best pink shades to choose range from those that are slightly darker in contrast to skin tone to those that are warmer.

Rose pink can be especially flattering on your skin, and tends to look great on individuals with delicate features and blond to mid brown hair. Women with darker hair may find they need to define their lips a little more, and a dusky rose or deeper plum color lipstick will do the trick.

Red lipstick

Red colored lipstick can be daring next to a pale skin tone. Unless this is the goal, subtle reds that have an orange, rather than blue-based undertone tend to be a better choice with the most appealing result.

A great method for applying red lipstick to achieve a natural looking effect is to use a fingertip to spread color over lips. This results in lips appearing flushed rather than heavily made-up.

Mauve lipstick

Women with very fair skin need to be wary of using purple-based lipstick colors. Subtlety is the key and gentle plum-toned mauve colors, rather than blue-based purple tones, are the most flattering.

Orange lipstick

Just like white-based pink tones, orange lipstick colors can appear old-fashioned and stale. Warm, pink-based orange lipstick colors are best. Neon orange colors however, should be avoided, these can make you look ill of all things!

Brown lipstick

Brown lipstick colors are not generally attractive next to pale-toned skin. Avoid this color if you’re going for drama, it will only appear muddy. If you love brown-based lipstick then maybe try a warm, plum-based brown that is light in tone, or mix subtle brown lipstick with pink.

Burgundy lipstick

Burgundy lipstick can achieve a completely different result to subtle pink. Burgundy is a warm color, although not as severe as red. Used sparingly, it can add color and depth so that lips are more noticeable without makeup looking too obvious.

With your fair complexion, you have plenty of colors to choose from, depending on your mood and where you’re going.

Skin Tone Chart by L’Oréal

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