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It’s planting time, homesteaders! Spring is a time of sunshine and hard work as we take the trowels and plows out of the shed.

But your hands can take a beating from all the springtime festivities. When your hands aren’t feeling their best, it slows you down. Cure these common hand woes on the homestead with some of our favorite remedies.


Shovels have given me more than my fair share of blisters. And boy, does a bad blister ruin your day!

The key is to keep blisters dry and clean. Avoid popping them, since that can lead to an infection.

Follow an easy three-step process to speed up your blister’s healing time.

1. Soak the blister in warm (not hot) green tea.
2. Dab the blister with apple cider vinegar.
3. Coat the blister with a little aloe vera.

Cover with a bandage if necessary before you get back to work, and remember to wear work gloves.

Stained palms

Have you ever worked with beets, only to find they’ve stained your palms red?

Stained hands are a fixture of homestead kitchens and gardens. The best way to conquer dirty palms is with nature’s whitener: lemon. I keep a big jug of lemon juice on hand and it cleans my hands in a jiffy.

If you have stained hands, pour about half a cup of lemon juice over your hands. Let the juice sit for 30 seconds before rinsing your hands with warm water and soap.

Repeat as needed to fade the stain.

Dry skin

Over-washing and harsh chemicals can dry out your skin. When your skin gets too dry, you risk cracking and bleeding, which can lead to pain and infection.

The solution is simple: keep your hands moisturized. Before you get to work, apply warm beeswax to your hands. This will naturally repel dirt and protect your skin during subsequent washes.

You can also treat dry skin with a beeswax-coconut oil lotion. Simply melt beeswax and coconut oil in a double boiler, give them a good stir, add essential oils if you like, and allow to solidify in your favorite jar. Apply every night to heal your hands as you sleep.

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Oh, we are all about…

Beauty That’s Sweet As Honey

Honey: if you aren’t producing it on your homestead, chances are, you know someone who is. Honey is a fantastic multi-purpose wonder on the homestead. It’s great for cooking, candle-making, and, as it turns out, for beauty applications.

Here are just a few of my favorite ways to use honey for homestead beauty treatments.

Acne mask

Adult acne is the worst. It feels like, the minute you eliminate a blemish, three more pop up. I treated my stubborn adult acne with regular honey masks.

It’s as easy as getting a small spoon of honey and applying it all over your face. This can get a little sticky, so I recommend applying while you’re taking a nice bath.

Let the mask sit for 10 minutes before rinsing.


I hate dull, dry skin. But you don’t need a fancy exfoliator to get shiny skin. All you need is a spoonful of honey and a dash of cinnamon.

Mix the honey and cinnamon together in a bowl. Apply it to your face with care; a little goes a long way. Scrub in circular motions for a minute and then rinse.


While I love my storebought conditioners, they have a lot of extra crud in them that my hair doesn’t need. For a simple, natural conditioner, combine 1 tablespoon honey with 2 tablespoons coconut oil.

Give this mixture a good stir and leave it in a Mason jar in your shower. Apply it like you would any other conditioner. Just make sure to rinse well; you don’t want sticky honey hair!

Sunburn treatment

The sun will soon be out for the spring harvesting season. Use an all-natural sunburn treatment to soothe the sting.

You can add 1 part honey to 2 parts liquid aloe vera. This gives the aloe an added boost that soothes and treats skin as it heals.

Bath soak

After a hard day on the homestead, you deserve a little pampering. And who doesn’t love a luxurious bath?

You can do a super simple bath soak by adding ¼ cup of honey to your bath. Kick back, relax, and enjoy softer skin.

What are your favorite applications for honey?

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