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Everyone wants great skin, and we’re all guilty of going down the Google rabbit hole looking for skincare tips and tricks to get us there. However, while Pinterest and YouTube are full of helpful information about skincare, they also tend to offer some pretty questionable advice. Many of these skincare sins are super common, and you’ve probably committed some of them yourself. But if you want great skin, you’ve got to give them up. Now, repeat after me: “Thou shalt stop…”

Washing Your Face Too Gently

Most of us know that regularly scrubbing our delicate facial skin is a bad idea. That doesn’t mean you should be too gentle though. You need to thoroughly wash your face at least once a day to get rid of the grime and oil build-ups that cause roughness and pimples.

Piling On Products

Skincare addicts are often guilty of this one. Don’t start using a bunch of new products at once, or over-saturate your skincare routine. By throwing lots of products at your skin, you’re making it hard to tell what’s working and what’s not. Try each product for at least two weeks before introducing anything new.

Putting Toothpaste On Pimples

The teenage classic of popping a blob of toothpaste on a pimple is actually terrible for your skin! It will dry the spot out, but it also causes redness, discoloration, and sometimes even burns. Avoid this home remedy and use a cheap spot treatment instead.

Using Bad DIY Treatments

Equally, lots of DIY facemasks, moisturizers, and scrubs can be terrible for your skin. Avoid any DIY recipes that are heavy on lemon or baking soda, which are the most common offenders. Lemon is far too acidic and baking soda is much too basic for your delicate skin pH.

Skipping Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential part of your skincare routine. Even on cloudy days, harmful UVA and UVB rays are working to prematurely age your skin. By using a light sunscreen every day you’ll keep your skin plump and youthful for longer.

Overusing Pore Strips

Pore strips are grimly fascinating. Who hasn’t looked at their post-pore strip gunk with a grossed-out satisfaction? However, they only get rid of the superficial part of blackheads, leaving the roots untouched. Using them too often can cause skin tearing and larger pores, so apply them no more than once a week, or abstain completely.

Ignoring Your Skin Type

Maybe your oily-skinned friend loves using salicylic acid, but your skin is super dry. Go your own way! Don’t listen to product reviews or recommendations unless they pertain to your skin type, texture, and specific problems you’re trying to counteract. Finding products that are appropriate for your skin type is essential, so don’t fall victim to skincare peer pressure.

Skincare can be a tricky area to master, but it is possible! The first step is giving up your bad habits, which probably include some of these nasty tips. Move forward with better techniques and you’ll have happier, healthier, and more glowing skin.

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Oh, we are all about…

DIY Wasp Trap

Wasps are heavily debated upon when it comes to farming. They were once considered a menace in the garden but many farmers have come to terms with them for being predators that hunt harmful pests. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re completely harmless; going out into your yard will be troublesome if there are wasps around, you can’t take a few steps without posing as a threat and getting stung. That’s why I leave the pest control to organic methods and decided to make a DIY wasp trap that can help me get rid of them.

You can insert these traps into the ground or hang them from a tree, but it’s most effective if you use them both, especially if your area is prone to wasps.

A Ground Soda Bottle Trap

Take an empty soda bottle which has a two-liter capacity but makes sure that is evenly wide along its sides. Use a sharpened knife to remove the top part of the bottle. This should be where the top part and remaining bottle share the same width.

Fill the bottom part with fruity and sweet bait and adjust the top part into the bottom by placing it upside down. For bait, you can use jam, fruit juice, or even soda itself. Make sure that the top fits within the bottom snugly but if they’re moving, tape them together so you have a fixed trap.

Set up your trap where you’ve spotted the most wasps, near you flowers or fruit crops. By smelling the bait, wasps will just crawl in through the hole to reach it. Once they’re inside, they’ll have trouble getting out. Eventually, they’ll drown in the soda or juice bait.

A Soda Bottle Trap to Hang

If you can observe wasps around your trees, then it’s best to hang a trap near them to keep them from stinging you while you’re pruning trees. You’ll need the same kind of bottle as the ground trap, but you’ll need two of them this time. Take one bottle and repeat what you did for the first trap by cutting off the top at the part where it shares a similar width as the remaining bottle.

Tighten the top of the other bottle and just as you cut off the top in the first trap, you’ll have to cut off the bottom where it’s just as wide as the rest of the bottle. Then make two tiny holes along the top from where you’ll pass out the string to hang your trap. Add some tape where the string runs from so that wasps don’t crawl out through the holes.

Place the smaller top part of the bottle inside the bigger one so both the tops are parallel. Ensure that it’s nice and tight, otherwise, use some tape so it doesn’t fall. Fill your trap with a 2-inch deep layer of bait before hanging it up on a branch.

Remember to clean out your trap every night since wasps won’t really feel like climbing into them if the juice has spoiled or is filled with their drowned comrades. To make sure that no wasps fly out to bite you while you’re cleaning and refilling, place the trap in a bucket full of water for thirty minutes before cleaning it out. Happy Farming!

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