My Homestead Planting Guide

Don’t let the idea of starting your first garden become intimidating to the point where you won’t even try! Yes it is hard work (as anything worth the elbow grease is) but keep in mind the payoff. It’s huge. Remember the first time you tasted a real tomato? And wouldn’t it be amazing to walk outside your kitchen door to harvest a bowl of salad greens for lunch, turnips and carrots for stew, or a handful of fresh cilantro to put your famous guacamole over the top? Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

We aim to create a planting guide that everyone can use, and since we are constantly updating this section, please check back often. And if you have a request for a specific item that isn’t here, please send us a message about it.

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And although it too is under construction, stop by our Resources section for beginning farmers. There you’ll find resources by state for animal auctions, farm grant information, supplies and more. And there is a tool for searching for farmland courtesy Lands of America.


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