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If you are handy with your hands, sooner or later you are going to start thinking about marketing your work. But
what’s the best way to go about promoting and selling your crafts?

First of all, is there a trend you can cash in on with your crafts? Start by grabbing a few magazines that attract the kind of readership that might like your product. Pay special attention to the ads to see what that readership wants right now. Advertisers spend a lot of money working out what their audience wants and you can use their ads as a shortcut to understanding your own demographic.

Look at the outlets available in your immediate area. Look for shops that take items on consignment, local bazaars
and markets, and arts and crafts fairs. You will need to spend a bit on a market table to display your crafts, and a canvas gazebo to protect them from the weather, but these are reasonably priced at dollar shops.

If you are not ready to face the public yet, you can sell online at sites like eBay and Etsy, where you will need to build up good feedback. Both communities thrive on trust. You should also set up a page on Facebook. These
options are very popular and do attract a good following.

If you decide to set up your own website, keep it focused on your product. You can add pictures of the family dog if you like, but be assured these won’t sell your product. Add some content based on what your product is, what it does and how you came up with the idea as well as some interesting low resolution images that don’t take too long to load. You also add a blog or subscription to a newsletter to keep your following interested. Don’t forget Instagram, which many sellers swear by. Try to keep it fun and not too focused on the hard sell.

You can also consider doing home parties with your craft products. Companies like Amway and Avon have built
billion dollar empires on the simple premise of selling products to clients at home. When someone agrees to host a
party for your crafts in their home, always make sure you have a gift for them at the end of the day. Put up one or
two items as `specials’, or door prizes. Ensure that everyone has your contact number in case they want to purchase

Enthusiasm and talent can go a long way, but remember you will also have legal responsibilities, especially if you
are selling home made foods. Check out your local regulations make sure you are within the law. Then dive in and
start selling!

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Thank you for these tips. I have a friend who sells crafts, and I help her sometimes at local craft fairs. I’ll definitely pass this article on to her. We are working on building her following and her reputation.

Oh, we are all about…

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