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One of the best things about running a farm is the ability to turn your day-to-day life into a viable business. Many women get into farming and homesteading with the intention of selling their produce, while others naturally become businesswomen along the way. However you sell your goods, you still need to find suitable insurance plans to protect you and your business. These insurance options will help your farm business thrive come rain or shine!

Artisans Insurance

Artisans insurance covers sellers who make their product by hand or directly supervise the people who make their products by hand. If you’re making soaps, cosmetics, crafts, or clothing then it could be the right option for you. Many farmers markets require that sellers have an insurance policy like this one.

Food Liability Insurance

If you sell produce at a farmers market, operate a food truck, or sell food from your home, you should look into food liability insurance. This covers situations like allergic reactions, illnesses caused by your produce, and equipment loss. Food liability insurance is a must for sellers who work with produce, preserves, and baked goods, so don’t overlook this one.

Crop Insurance

If you’re selling fruit or vegetables on a reasonable scale, then crop insurance is a must. It covers you when events like bad weather, drought, or declining value cause you to lose crops or revenue. There are various types of crop insurance, so it’s easy to find one to suit your needs.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects you against being sued if you sell a product that ends up breaking, malfunctioning, or causing damage. If you’re selling body lotions, cosmetics, soaps, candles, or food, this type of insurance is pretty important. Whether you sell face-to-face in stores or markets or you sell your products online, product liability insurance can protect you.

General Liability Insurance

If you’re looking for insurance cover that can grow with your business, general liability insurance could be the right choice. It can cover you against all sorts of events including property damage, bodily injury, defense costs, and issues with advertising. This could also be a good option if you want to run your farm as a business and sell multiple different products or services.

Insurance is a necessary part of running a business so get savvy and make sure you’re covered. Keep your farm and your livelihood safe by investing in the right insurance for you.

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