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Weaning foals is an important task that has to be done. But it can be a very challenging task for horse owners who have little experience with weaning. You may (unintentionally) use methods that could be harmful to a foal, so it is very important to treat the weaning process with care.

Foal Preparation

Prepare your baby horse for the task by allowing her to stay with the dam for a period of time after birth (since her only source of food and optimum nutrition is from the mother’s milk). As she grows older however, she should be weaned from mom for her own physical and emotional well-being. Foal weaning can start as soon as three months from birth. Weaning beyond six months may be very difficult and emotionally damaging to a foal.

Since foals also have individual personalities, you might not want to wean them at the same time. You will know if the time is right if a foal is already comfortable with eating solid food and shows signs of independent socialization skills separate from its mother. Foals that are a bit timid may take longer to wean. And always make sure that your foal is in very good health before you begin the weaning process.

Rancher and expert in all things equine, Kevin Oliver says that sight and sound are two of the most important things about weaning. If the baby can hear or see the mare, it’s stressful on both, so the best policy is to wean out of sight and sound. See if you can take the mare off the property for a few days just to be safe.

Weaning method

Once a foal is able to eat solid food she will increasingly seek solids. A horse owner may choose between feeding the foal in a stable or on the pasture away from the mare. And feeding on the pasture allows foals better opportunities to socialize with other foals.

Wherever a horse owner chooses to keep foals, it is important to ensure that the area is safe and secure. Foals generally feel anxious when weaning and may run away or harm themselves. Think of everything, from securing fencing to removing anything your foal may hurt itself on like sharp nearby objects in case she becomes violent over the sudden change. If she does have a violent mood swing, don’t worry too much. It is temporary and she will calm down soon enough.

Socialization: human and horse

Human interaction is extremely important and you should teach your foal to get used to being handled by humans early which will also make weaning a bit easier. And if you have more than one to wean, the company of other weaning foals will also help to keep her calm.

Yes, this is quite the process that needs to be handled with care. But once your foal is weaned, she will soon grow into a healthy, happy horse.

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Anti-Aging Tips: Want To Look Younger Longer? Treat Skin From The Inside And Out

Anti-Aging Tips for Youthful Skin

Just about all of us are looking for that illusive fountain of youth. While looking younger might not be as simple as taking a pill or using a cream, there are different techniques you can use to slow down how fast aging shows up on your skin. These various techniques are best used in conjunction, and keep in mind that genetics plays a role in how our skin looks and ages. Here are a couple anti-aging tips that you can try today to improve the look and feel of your skin.

Choose the Right Cosmetics

The key to great looking skin is using products that put a lot of lost moisture back into your complexion. Products like anti-aging serums and thick moisturizers are great to use at night. During the day, you should always apply sunscreen before you leave the house, even if it’s cloudy outside. Sunscreen should be applied each and every day of the year.

Anti-Aging Foods

You can slow signs of aging and look younger for longer based on what you consume. Don’t worry, it isn’t about eliminating foods you love because they’re bad for you. Rather, it’s about adding in foods that are good for you. You can still enjoy sweets and fatty food items in moderation.

When it comes to slowing down the aging of the face from the inside, look for whole, naturally occurring foods that are as raw and unprocessed as possible. Fruits and vegetables are very beneficial to the skin. However, many meats, grains and oils can also aid in preserving your complexion and helping you to look younger for longer.

When it comes to staying youthful, it’s all about treating the skin from the outside and the inside. When you consume healthy foods in conjunction with a stellar skincare regimen, you’ll love how young, supple and healthy your skin looks.

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