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Weaning foals is an important task that has to be done. But it can be a very challenging task for horse owners who have little experience with weaning. You may (unintentionally) use methods that could be harmful to a foal, so it is very important to treat the weaning process with care.

Foal Preparation

Prepare your baby horse for the task by allowing her to stay with the dam for a period of time after birth (since her only source of food and optimum nutrition is from the mother’s milk). As she grows older however, she should be weaned from mom for her own physical and emotional well-being. Foal weaning can start as soon as three months from birth. Weaning beyond six months may be very difficult and emotionally damaging to a foal.

Since foals also have individual personalities, you might not want to wean them at the same time. You will know if the time is right if a foal is already comfortable with eating solid food and shows signs of independent socialization skills separate from its mother. Foals that are a bit timid may take longer to wean. And always make sure that your foal is in very good health before you begin the weaning process.

Rancher and expert in all things equine, Kevin Oliver says that sight and sound are two of the most important things about weaning. If the baby can hear or see the mare, it’s stressful on both, so the best policy is to wean out of sight and sound. See if you can take the mare off the property for a few days just to be safe.

Weaning method

Once a foal is able to eat solid food she will increasingly seek solids. A horse owner may choose between feeding the foal in a stable or on the pasture away from the mare. And feeding on the pasture allows foals better opportunities to socialize with other foals.

Wherever a horse owner chooses to keep foals, it is important to ensure that the area is safe and secure. Foals generally feel anxious when weaning and may run away or harm themselves. Think of everything, from securing fencing to removing anything your foal may hurt itself on like sharp nearby objects in case she becomes violent over the sudden change. If she does have a violent mood swing, don’t worry too much. It is temporary and she will calm down soon enough.

Socialization: human and horse

Human interaction is extremely important and you should teach your foal to get used to being handled by humans early which will also make weaning a bit easier. And if you have more than one to wean, the company of other weaning foals will also help to keep her calm.

Yes, this is quite the process that needs to be handled with care. But once your foal is weaned, she will soon grow into a healthy, happy horse.

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Vacation Planning: Relaxation In Advance

Traveling can be very exciting; whether it’s a work travel or even for holidays. It gets more interesting if you have not visited the place before. It’s very easy for you to forget all about proper planning and details of the trip due to all the excitement. Having a good plan for your trip can be invaluable more so if you are going to an unfamiliar destination, the need to plan cannot be overemphasized.

Planning well in advance will let you have lots of time to think about all the necessary things you wish to take with you. Moreover, you will be able to save plenty of money if you book hotel rooms and flight tickets beforehand. This will also give you enough time to search online for some great deals. Wherever you intend to go, having a checklist for your trip makes your life a whole lot easy. This is the following checklist you ought to adopt to make your life easier when going on your trip.

Get informed

Find out a little more about where you want to go. Internet and Google have made life easy to gain access to information. Find out about the culture, people, history, and locality of where you want to travel to. Check for hotels, car rentals, restaurants and other related options. Make a quick list of the rates, locations, amenities, discounts and contact information of several hotels. It will be nice if you know a local person to be your guide. Do some research about the places you will be visiting, such as climate, traditions or even the transportation.

Budget for your trip

Find the cost of things where you intend to visit. Find out the cost of food, hotels, goods, services, and curricular activities. For unforeseen circumstances or expenditures it is advisable to take your credit and debit cards with you. Budget is critical to your trip and you must take out a good amount of time to settle down all the finances. This is where you get the bookings done after an extensive research, use miles and points to save money, find out ways you can save more on travel and food costs and allocate a budget for every tiny expenditure you can possibly think of.

Sort transport

Figure out how you’re getting there, be it by airplane, train or bus. Ensure you have a visa to where you want to go. You may not need one, but check this with your travel agent before you leave. If you need a visa, ensure you get one. It’s also a good reminder to check that you have your passport and visa with you before you travel.


You also need to get travel insurance for your trip. This is especially important because a travel insurance can protect you from unfortunate like baggage loss, accidents,trip cancellation, illnessesand injuries that may arise suddenly during the trip. There are different types of insurance policy such as visitor’s health insurance, long-term health insurance, temporary health insurance, insurance for trip cancellation, and so on. Make a thorough research about this so you can make an informed choice.

The Dream Packing

Most of us fail when it comes to packing and we end up merely stuffing the luggage bags with everything and anything. Packing might seem like an insignificant part of the whole fun until you end up realizing it’s really the most important one. Packing the right stuff, whether it is clothing or travel gadgets is crucial and packing the right amount is even more so. Check that you have packed all you would need. You can make a list of all the things so nothing gets left out. Take your medications with you if you are on one. Have a copy of you travel insurance with you. Do not forget your travel ticket. Check the regulation on what you can take with you and what you cannot. Check that you meet customs and quarantine requirements.

While going on a trip is extremely exciting and fun, your trips can be an extremely vacation disaster if you don’t plan it well. Planning is extremely essential to the success of any trip.

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