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Worms are fantastic for the soil! Believe it or not, worms can turn limp, anemic soil into a nutrient wonderland perfect for gardening. Vermiculture, also known as vermicomposting, is a fascinating way to improve the quality of your home-grown compost with worms. Let’s take a look at how vermiculture works on the homestead.

Vermiculture basics

Vermiculture is a great way to process fruit and vegetable waste into something useful for your homestead.

The benefit to using worms instead of, say, a traditional compost system, is that worms break down the organic matter more quickly. They also churn the soil and help return more nutrients to your soil. Vermiculture benefits your homestead garden by encouraging more robust root systems, disease resistance, and improved water storage capacity during droughts. Vermiculture also introduces beneficial microorganisms into your soil. Say bye-bye to store bought fertilizer and make your own nutrient-dense soil with little cost.

How vermiculture works

Like any homesteading endeavor, vermiculture requires a small startup cost. You’ll need to buy worms, a small amount of quality soil, and ten gallon buckets to hold the compost and worms. You can get larger containers if you have more waste, but it’s best to start small in the beginning. You can always upsize later!

Your worms can process a wide variety of organic matter. Feed them kitchen scraps like lettuce, egg shells, and banana peels. If you have grass clippings, leaves, or mulch, your worms will happily chomp them up. As with any other type of composting, don’t toss meat or dairy into your vermicompost.

In my opinion, the best type of worm for vermiculture is the red worm. They’re surface-dwellers and do marvelously in your compost. The great thing about worms is that they’re a very low-maintenance homestead project. Toss your scraps and a little water in the bucket with them and you’ll have compost very soon! Once a quarter you’ll need to separate the worms from the compost and start a new batch. This keeps your worms happy and healthy, and gives you a constant source of great soil for gardening.

The bottom line

Vermiculture is essentially the harvesting of worm poop. It’s strange to think about, but worms are an essential part of your homestead’s life cycle. With vermiculture, you’ll have hardier plants, improved harvests, and less disease in your garden with vermicompost.

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Keep a Positive Outlook: Your Life Reflects Your Thoughts

Keeping a Positive Outlook For Better Living

Your life reflects your thoughts, mirroring your positive outlook or negative attitude. Of course, sometimes, challenges that are not your fault arise. However, your outlook determines how well you cope. If you think optimistically, you recognize the best in situations.

The opposite is true if you think negatively and focus on undesirable events. When you concentrate on difficult circumstances, you set your mind on a course of pessimism and find what you seek. However, negative thinking might be a habit you don’t recognize.

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How Life Reflects Your State Of Mind

To discover whether changing your thoughts can improve your life, try the following exercise. Consider a challenge that bothers you for a few moments. Now write about it, taking into account how you feel. Your description shows your current way of thinking. You will quickly notice if your attitude is negative.

Next, ponder what events can teach you. Think about what you know now that you didn’t understand before. Also, write about how circumstances have shown you what you want. Identifying your desires will help you think constructively and alter your mood.

Finally, ignore unfavorable aspects of the situation and view circumstances from a positive angle. Write about how you’ve gained insight and strengthened your self-awareness and understanding of life.

At the end of the exercise, consider your experience. Did you find it helpful? Did your feelings shift closer to optimism? Did your mood change? Perhaps you feel more confident about managing now and view matters differently? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you can improve your life by adjusting your thoughts.

Optimizing Your Thoughts

You don’t need to try to stop pessimistic thinking. You just need to be optimistic. When you set your mind to contemplate agreeable topics, unwanted deliberation disappears. Practice often, and you will soon be accustomed to thinking positively. As a result, you will anticipate the feel-good factor that goes hand-in-hand with looking on the bright side. Such anticipation will encourage your mind to follow a similar train of thought in the future.

Think constructive, upbeat thoughts and life will reflect your newfound way of viewing circumstances, even in business. You will recognize opportunities for happiness and sail through challenging events, always coping no matter what happens in your environment.

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