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Minor medical issues are a fact of life. Luckily, you have plenty of items lying around the house that pull double duty. Before heading to the pharmacy to deal with anything from dandruff and athlete’s foot to warts and insect bites, take a look at our list of 5 common household items that work wonders as home remedies:

Athlete’s Foot and Foot Odor

Few things are as frustrating and embarrassing as the itchiness and funky stench of athlete’s foot. But don’t fret; relief is as close as your medicine chest (or liquor cabinet). Mouthwash and vodka have both been shown to reduce the bacteria that cause the telltale symptoms of athlete’s foot. Just wet a washcloth or cotton ball with either one, and carefully wipe down your feet after a shower or workout. Not only will this leave your tootsies smelling fresh and clean, but it will reduce the itching and burning that often accompanies this type of infection.

Need another reason to use mouthwash on your feet? Here’s a good one: the breath freshening and antiseptic properties of your favorite oral rinse also knocks out blisters in a day or so. Simply apply your favorite brand of mouthwash via cotton swab three or four times a day, and watch it dry up without popping.

Insect Bites

Spiders, mosquitoes, and other creepy crawlers have a nasty way of leaving us itchy and stung. The next time you find yourself the victim of a bug trying to make lunch out of you, reach for the antacid tablets. Those fizzy indigestion and hangover tablets contain aspirin and other ingredients that will soothe your irritated, bug-bitten skin. Simply crush up an antacid tablet and use a couple of drops of water to create a paste that you can apply directly to the bite. And because it won’t dry out your skin like most calamine and itch creams can, you don’t have to worry about dealing with itchy skin after the bite is gone, either.

Tension Headaches

Being stressed, excited, overworked, tired or anxious makes you subconsciously clench your jaw and grind your teeth, which puts a strain on your muscles and often leads to a tension headache. Stop the vicious cycle before it gets going with a simple pencil. Placing a pencil between your teeth (without biting down) makes you relax your jaw muscles, which can stave off a tension headache before it really gets a hold of you.


An itchy scalp and shedding flakes are the hallmarks of dandruff. Treating it usually involves switching to an expensive specialized shampoo. But recent studies show that you can create your own dandruff-busting formula by simply adding two drops of tea tree oil to your favorite shampoo. That way you can fight the flakes without the medicated scent or over-drying that comes from traditional dandruff formulas.

Corns and Calluses

An estrogen-like chemical found in both red and black licorice has been proven to soften up the tough skin that causes corns and calluses. Treat your tootsies to a licorice treatment that whips up in no time at all by blending a couple of licorice sticks with a glob of petroleum jelly and a couple of drops of cinnamon extract. Apply the paste to the rough areas of your feet and let soak in overnight. (A pair of socks will keep your sheets and pajamas clean and dry in the process.)

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Simple Ways to De-Stress in 15 Minutes or Less

If you’re a woman who farms, you know that the pressure can be intense. You’re working at all hours of the day, often starting early in the morning and finishing after the sun goes down, and meanwhile you’ve got to balance a home, love life, friends, family, and your own mental health. Add in hobbies, fitness, holidays, and finances, and you’ve got the recipe for a heaping bowl of stress. Obviously, we’d all like a six-week vacation in Bora Bora to wash the angst away, but that’s sadly not an option for most of us.

Luckily, you don’t need several hours and bundles of cash to relax. There are plenty of ways to de-stress in 15 minutes or less, so don’t let the pressure overwhelm you.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Meditative breathing is a quick and easy way to ease your stresses. Take a deep breath in through your nose, extending it for as long as possible, and let it out from your mouth. Just 3 minutes of this calming practice can massively decrease your stress levels.

Make A Cup Of Tea

The simple act of making a cup of tea can be calming, as it focuses your mind on a simple and easily achievable task. Make your favorite brew and take 10 minutes to enjoy it – you’ll feel more calm after just a few sips.

Hit The Floor

Sitting on the floor is a classic return to childhood helplessness, but you can harness it for your own benefit. Try curling up in Child’s Pose (you’ll recognize it if you’ve ever taken a yoga class) to give you some physical and mental space from the things that are bothering you.

Journal It

Writing about what’s stressing you out can help to clarify your feelings and clear your mind. Try journaling to help you organize your thoughts and release them somewhere that’s safe, private, and personal.

Talk To Someone

Of course, talking to someone you trust is a great way to de-stress. It doesn’t have to be an hour-long therapy session (although those are great too!). Spend 15 minutes venting to your partner, calling your friend for a quick chat, or messaging your mom. Sometimes all you need is to feel heard.

These simple relaxation techniques will help you de-stress and clear your mind in no time at all. Even on the busiest day, you can hopefully make time for these soothing practices. You’ll be more level-headed and happy before you know it!

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