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Even though I’ve described the process of farming and tending to a vegetable garden to be rewarding, I never said that it would be easy, or free from problems. It’s probable that you came across a lot of problems while growing your crops and I’ll be discussing a few common ones for which a solution will also be provided.

No Seedlings

A very common problem faced by first-time farmers is that seedlings don’t emerge after they sow seeds. Here’s why this is happening:

  • It’s likely that they still need some time, so you should wait it out.
  • The weather’s cold: wait for it to get warmer and if they still don’t sprout, then replant
  • Your soil isn’t moist Water it.
  • If you can’t find seeds at all, it’s possible that insects or birds ate Replant them but keep them protected with netting.
  • The last possible reason could be that you’re using an old seed that won’t sprout Try purchasing fresh ones.
Lifeless Seedlings and Dead Plants

A frequent complaint I hear from home farmers is that their seedlings and young plants die very soon after they’ve sprouted. If not that, they appeared wilted.

  • Not enough moisture: water your soil evenly.
  • Too much moisture: overwatering your seedlings causes damping. Sow your new seeds in a clean seed-starting mix and give your soil a dose of fungicide before planting.
  • The roots or stems rotted: this can happen due to overwatering so add some healthy organic matter i.e. compost to your soil before replanting.
  • They appear burned due to fertilizer. If you intend to use a fertilizer with seedlings, then mix it well into the soil before planting.
  • Otherwise, it’s due to pests. You can keep them away by using row covers or keeping your garden clean and free from weeds and plant debris.

Plants are Wilting
  • Your soil is either too dry or waterlogged. Water if dry, drain out in case of excess water.
  • Your plants may be affected by a disease, so replant varieties that are disease-resistant and keep your beds free from weeds and plant waste.
  • The plant may be suffering from a type of vascular wilt. Fix this by re-growing disease-resistant varieties, practice crop rotation or soil solarization before you plant.
Weak Plants
  • They’re not getting enough sunlight: relocate your plants in an area that gets plenty of sunshine.
  • You’ve overwatered the soil. Practice better drainage.
  • It’s probable that you’re growing all your plants in close proximity to each other. Make sure to give them enough room when you replant.
  • You’ve added too much fertilizer. Excess nitrogen can weaken a plant so quit it with the extra fertilizing.

These are just a few of the problems that you’ll come across in your garden, that I’ve given solutions for. I know there are plenty more; I’ll tell you how to fix those issues too. Till then, happy farming!

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Oh, we are all about…

5 Little Life Hacks to Change Your World

Do you want to improve your life and become a better person? Of course, who wouldn’t? However, you might not know the best ways to change that are likely to have the maximum impact on your happiness and well-being. The five following life hacks are little, but applying them can enhance your energy, mood, and outlook.

Get up early

If you don’t usually get up early, you’re missing something special. Rise before everyone else, and you’ll experience a sense of peace and calm that’s not present the rest of the day. Also, you’ll get a head start. Early rising gives you the chance to ease into the morning and allow the night’s cobwebs to lift gently. Instead of rushing into everyday tasks, you can create a wise, positive intention to carry forth and set your mind as you wish. You can also begin chores sooner than you would if you got up later, and so complete them earlier, or be more productive.

Stop trying to be understood

Your happiness will increase if you cease wanting others to understand you. Seriously, you might not recognize how much time you spend fretting over whether others ‘get’ you, but it’s probably a lot. Just imagine how much less complicated life would be if you no longer cared if people had a good grasp on what you were thinking and feeling.

The good news is, it’s up to you. You can decide to drop worrying about how people’s perception of you might not match your innermost feelings and just enjoy being you.

Listen to your intuition

How often have you smacked your forehead in disbelief because you didn’t listen to the warning voice in your head and made a mistake? There’s no point saying “I knew that was going to happen” but not taking notice of your intuition the next time it speaks. From now on, respect your inner wisdom, whether it arises from a gut feeling or thought. As a result, you’ll have fewer problems.

Take a break

You live in a busy world where productivity pays, sometimes anyway. For this reason, you fill your days with activity, imagining doing so will be rewarding. Even if you’re only watching the TV or cleaning the kitchen cupboard, you’re doing something. Nonetheless, your activities often don’t make you happy because you’re stressed.

As cheesy as it sounds, stopping to smell the roses really will improve your well-being. When you slow down and do less, your anxiety decreases. You breathe a sigh of relief since pressure lifts.

Get rid of clutter

Declutter your home and your life will follow suit. You’ll think more clearly and be smarter and more positive when you don’t face mounds of junk each day. Walk from room to room, noticing where mess accumulates and consider how to accommodate it better – not by filling a box you never empty, but by putting it away in the right places.

First, though, you might have to create the “right places.” Hang hooks where items that can be hung are piled. Put goods that don’t need to live where they are back where they came from, and add storage containers where they are needed. Plus, schedule time in which to rehouse items that wind up in the wrong places, because, let’s face it, they still will occasionally.

These five little life hacks have the power to transform your well-being, but you have to do them rather than only reading about them. Add them to your routine behaviors until they become habits, and your life will improve.

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