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Home gardening is a type of gardening where home owners grow flowers and produce in the comfort of their homes. Home gardening can be tricky especially when one is new at it. Listed below are tips every home gardener should know about to have a productive home garden.


When setting up a home garden, you should first set aside the area you plan to use as your garden. This of course depends on the type of plant or crop you are planning to cultivate. Also, remember to use an area where your plant can get enough sunlight but minimum disturbance from pets or getting trampled on. It is also important to have a source of water close to your garden so you can water your plants with ease.

Decide On What To Grow

After looking for the perfect space, it’s time to decide on which plant or vegetable to grow. This is very important because knowing which type of plant to grow will give you an estimate of the size of the garden plot you should have and you can determine if the site you picked is perfect for your garden or if you have to look for a bigger space. For example, vegetable plants do not take up a lot of spaces so you can grow them on a small piece of land. However, vine crops, such as cucumbers or watermelons need a larger space to cultivate.

Ensure Good Drainage

You must ensure that your garden has a good drainage system, otherwise your plants will drown and die from too much water. Water your crops regularly but don’t overwater them and make sure that any excess is safely drained out of the garden.

Adopt Mulching

Mulching prevents your garden topsoil from being blown away. Its decomposition also provides nutrients to your plants.

Make Variety

You can plant different types of crops in your garden. These varieties will not only help with pests but also the soil quality. Planting various crops will confuse the pests because they are unsure of what will be in the garden. You could also practice crop rotation. It works wonders for farmers and it’ll do so for you too.

Plant at the Proper Time

Although this may seem obvious, it is crucial to the success of any garden. If you plant the too soon, they will be frozen by the early spring frost and If you plant too late, they will not be able to gather strength before the summer comes and withers them, or they get destroyed by fall frost.

Provide Lots of Sunlight

All plant needs the sun to survive. If your plants are not getting enough sunlight, they will have stunted growth and will not produce good offsprings. However, you must ensure that the plants are not too exposed to the sun. The garden location should be carefully placed where there is adequate sunlight.

Compost fertilizers

Compost fertilizers helps plants grow healthy. They also helps you to save money are a great way to have healthy plants. It also helps to save money used in buying expensive fertilizers which can have adverse effects on the soil, plants or even the gardeners as well. They introduce toxins into the water supplies and leave harmful chemical residues on plants.

Organize and Store Garden Tools Safely

It is important to store garden tools well when they are not in use. This saves you time spent in looking for it when you need it. Apart from that, it may be dangerous just leaving them to lay around as it might cause serious injuries to people. You also get to save money by not having to buy lost or damaged tools when you need it.Garage wall spaces can be converted into store for gardening tools.

Trim and Prune

Trimming and pruning will allow proper air circulation for your plant. Pruning also reduces the amount of leaves so water can really penetrate your plant. When pruning, make sure the center of the flower is open, so the sun can enter into it. Careful pruning will keep moisture out of your plant, and prevent diseases like black spots and other blights.

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