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Being a farmer in an urban center or bustling city can be quite hectic. There are days when you can’t even find time to tend to your crops. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of simple ideas that you can follow to make farming a little easier.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

This useful home ingredient can help your seedlings sprout and protect them from fungal diseases. Once they grow into plants, you can add another dose to prevent their roots from rotting. A good ratio is to mix 32 parts water in 1 part hydrogen peroxide. This can aid in shielding your plant’s roots.

Get Sweeter Tomatoes

Whether your area doesn’t support the growth of the sweetest tomatoes, or you just picked the wrong variety, there’s a simple hack to improve their chances. This is especially if you intend to use tomatoes in salads. Simply sprinkle a little baking soda around the plants for a sweeter yield.

Citrus Peel Seed Starters

I’ve already explained how you can make biodegradable seed starters using toilet paper rolls but another method is to use citrus peels. Not only are these biodegradable, but they add tons of nutrients to the soil. Just take your peel, poke a hole at the bottom to allow some drainage, then fill it with soil and add your seeds.

Grind Your Eggshells

This may sound a little odd but grinding eggshells can be beneficial for your soil. Simply add eggshells into your grinder or blender and run it until it turns into a fine powder. You can then add this powder to your garden soil. Eggshells are rich in the mineral calcium, which, if you haven’t guessed already, is super important for the growth of your plants as well.

Fork the Soil

If you face a common problem of rodents raiding your garden, then you know that lightweight solutions like row covers are no match against heavy animals like rabbits and raccoons, not to mention squirrels. A common gardening hack that’s blowing up right now is placing plastic forks along with your plants, inside the soil. These can deter animals like raccoons and squirrels from attacking your garden and eating up your crops.

Use Your Kitchen Water

Whether you boil potatoes, eggs, veggies or rice, on the stove; there’s no denying that the water is laden with many essential nutrients that seep out of the foods themselves. If you want to give your crops a little boost of richness, you can use this water to fertilize them. This way, you don’t need to purchase a nutrient solution separately. Just make sure that you cool the water to room temperature to avoid burning the crops.

Keep Runners at Bay

If you’re planting a variety that’s known for spreading too far or releasing runners, you’ll need to find a good solution so it doesn’t disturb other plants. Take a plastic pot and cut off the bottom. Place the pot in the ground and transplant your crop plant inside the pot. This will allow you to control how far the plant spreads and keep surrounding crops from getting affected.

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Oh, we are all about…

What Causes Weak Nails?

There’s no shortage of products on the market to strengthen nails and reduce splitting and breakage; but how well do these products really work? Is it even possible to make nails stronger?

What Causes Weak Nails?

If you have weak nails, you can blame it partially on your mom and dad. Weak nails are genetic to some degree, and some people naturally have tougher, stronger nails. There’s not a lot you can do about that; but be sure you’re not contributing to the problem by eating a poor diet.

Fingernails are made of a protein called keratin, so protein malnutrition can cause weak nails – as can certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies – such as a lack of B vitamins and zinc. Occasionally, a medical problem such as an underactive thyroid causes nails to be brittle. It’s a good idea to have a blood test to rule out these problems.

To Make Nails Stronger, Stop Using Nail Polish Remover

Some people indirectly contribute to the problem of weak nails by exposing their hands to harsh detergents and chemicals. One of the biggest problems people have is overusing nail polish removal products. Nail polish remover weakens the nail plate which causes the entire nail to grow in weaker. Nail polish removers are also too drying. If you have to use one, look for one that’s acetone-free.

What Can You Do to Make Nails Stronger?

Some people drink gelatin in hopes of strengthening their nails, but there’s little evidence to support its benefits. How about vitamins? Taking mega-doses of biotin had some benefit in a Swiss study, but the amounts needed to strengthen the nail were quite high.

The Power of Moisture to Strengthen Brittle Nails

If fingernails are weak and brittle, adding moisture helps. One of the best ways to reduce splitting is to apply petroleum jelly to the hands, put on a pair of cotton gloves, and leave them on overnight. Soaking the fingernails in almond oil or olive oil also helps moisturize the nail and reduce brittleness.

What about Commercial Nail Hardeners to Strengthen Nails?

Don’t waste your money. Some of these products dry out fingernails and make the problem worse. Eat a healthy diet that has enough high quality protein and keep your fingernails well moisturized. Fingernails need a break from nail polish and nail polish remover – so give them one as often as possible. Do this consistently and your nails should be less prone to weakness, splitting, and breakage.

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