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You never know what strange tricks can help you boost your yield. Well, one of the lesser-known tricks is using fish emulsion in the garden. The problem here isn’t that most people don’t know the benefit of it; it’s that very few actually know what it is.

Fish emulsion is an unsung hero in the farming world, mainly because industrial farmers don’t rely on an expensive and natural product such as this, and it’s a tad bit smelly for some home farmers to use. However, wait until you hear why you should be using it:

They Have a Good NPK Ratio

This is the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in fertilizers. To achieve the perfect balance, producers manufacture most fertilizers artificially, but this comes with harmful side effects that are transferred to humans via the produce. On the other hand, the fish emulsion contains a good ratio while being organic at the same time.

It’s Resourcing at Its Best

Most store-bought fish emulsion fertilizers are made from fish parts and organs that aren’t used and would otherwise be wasted and thrown away. By using the so-called fish waste, producers reduce the overall amount of organic waste matter that rots away. You can also produce it at home from fish organs and parts that you don’t need, effectively reducing your waste output.

It’s Actually Affordable

A major reason why some home farmers put off using fish emulsion fertilizer is that it can be a little pricey. However, when you compare the usage with that of organic dry fertilizer, you’ll find a difference in the long run. That is to say, while a single bottle is expensive, it will last a long time because you shouldn’t use fish emulsion in its pure, concentrated form. By diluting it, you’ll use a single bottle for quite a while.

Easier To Apply

Unlike dry fertilizer, which you need to mix into the soil, you can add fish emulsion to water and spray it onto your crops. It’ll absorb quickly and spread evenly as well, without requiring you to do the hard labor. Not to mention, it’s safer to use as well. Many variants of organic fertilizer don’t mix into the soil right away, so there’s a chance that your pet might eat it if it strays into the garden. This isn’t the case for fish emulsion, which is safe, non-toxic, and travels deep into the soil quickly.


I’ve written about numerous planting ideas, some of which involve planting in tight spaces that don’t allow for soil tilling and shifting. Did you ever stop and think how you were going to ensure optimal soil quality in those tight planters? For your information, fish emulsion is the answer, especially if you can’t add compost, organic fertilizer, or anything that would add more volume. Fish emulsion has a great nutrient ratio that will boost plant growth, even if you can’t compost it regularly.

These were some of the benefits I found in using fish emulsion in my home garden; you all should try it and see the difference. Happy Farming!

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Natural Hair Hacks For Ethnic Hair

Are you tired of watching girls on YouTube do the “big chop” and share their journey to healthy hair growth while you have terminally short hair that refuses to grow beyond your ear lobes? We understand. Every natural hair vlogger says that growing out ethnic hair is a process, but for some of us, it seems like our hair is stuck in stage one. Maybe a little natural hair care can help. Here are four natural hair hacks for ethnic hair to promote growth and lush, healthy hair!

Supplement With Biotin

Biotin is one of the best supplements to take when you want your hair and nails to grow. Evidence of the vitamin’s effectiveness is shown just days after consistently taking it for four weeks. You should be cautious, however, not to overdose on this supplement. Biotin can have adverse effects when taken in excess. As a rule of thumb any dosage over 2,500mcg should be modified down to reduce the risk of experiencing adverse symptoms. Stop taking biotin if the state of your hair worsens or remains the same after six weeks of consistent consumption.

Use Your Body’s Natural Oil

Your hair is not a dry mess despite what commercials would have you believe. Your scalp emits natural oils that moisturize and may prevent hair loss due to dryness. Getting access to your body’s natural hair oil is a matter of massaging the scalp with a brush. Such action increases blood flow and spreads the oil evenly across the head.

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Eat For Ethnic Hair Growth

What goes in comes out in one way or another. If you are looking to increase hair growth, then you should consider protein. Consuming fish for breakfast, beef for lunch and chicken provide much-needed nutrients that your hair needs to thrive.

Shampoo Less Often

The “no poo” movement may have begun as a sort of experiment, but it is now the premiere way to cleanse. Exchanging your daily or weekly hair routine for a “no poo” experience may be the determining factor of whether or not your hair will be long in the future.

A life of healthy, luscious hair is yours for the taking. Take advantage of these simple hair hacks for ethnic hair to see positive results.

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