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Every great party starts with a fantastic theme. Whether you are planning a quiet day of relaxation for the bride-to-be or an evening of wild abandon, focusing on a theme will help your party plans fall into place.

These 10 ideas range from traditional to unconventional, and they are sure to spark your imagination when it comes to planning an amazing bachelorette party that you and the bride will always remember.

Slumber Party

Pretend you’re 15 again, and throw an old-fashioned overnight party. Make popcorn, order pizza, and rent movies you liked as a teenager. Take time to do each other’s nails and indulge in a game of truth or dare.

Before the party, gather the ingredients for some brightly colored cocktails. Depending on the games you choose to play, the movies you rent, and any planned surprises, you can make your slumber party as innocent or as raunchy as you like.

Remember that sleepovers last longer than the night. Have supplies on hand to make a big breakfast in the morning.

Lingerie Party

Combining a bachelorette bash with a lingerie shower can be fun. Ask guests to bring some sexy lingerie for the bride-to-be, and see whose gift can shock her. For a more adult event, guests can bring grown-up toys as well.

To get the evening started, ask each guest to bring panties that express her personality. Then ask the bride to determine which panties were brought by which guest.

Spa Party

Take the bride to a spa for a day of pampering. Enjoy massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. You could also throw this party at home. If you have the money to spend, hire massage therapists to come to you.

For a less expensive option, set up some at-home spa treatment stations with homemade skin treatments to try on each other. See if you can borrow a massage chair and a home foot spa.

Ask friends who are great at nails to bring their supplies. Serve fancy cocktails and appetizers for guests to enjoy as they relax.

Wine Tasting

Book your group for a vineyard tour and wine tasting event. This choice is perfect for an upscale afternoon, especially for the bride who appreciates good wine.

Alternatively, you could buy several different kinds of wine to taste at home. Ask each guest to bring her favorite for everyone to try. If you aren’t wine experts, print out a guide to the proper way to sample wine.

Chartered Boat

Take your guests out on the water in a rented boat. Opt for a party boat, a luxurious yacht, or a relaxing catamaran. Some boating services will offer drinks and food, while others will require you to bring your refreshments.

You can save money by making reservations for your group on a touring boat rather than chartering the whole vessel yourself. Some short cruises will have dancing and other entertainment.

If the bride-to-be is less of a party girl and more into the outdoors, you might want to reserve space on a fishing boat and try catching your dinner.

Shooting Range

Take your gun loving group for an adventure at a shooting range. A guide will teach each guest how to shoot a weapon correctly, and then you will have a chance to test your skills.

You can also try your skills at a shooting range that allows you to fire automatic weapons and other guns that you might not have a chance to experience anywhere else. Just remember to do any drinking after your visit to the shooting range.

Dance Class

Head to a local dance studio, and reserve some time with a professional dance teacher. Learn sexy salsa dancing, country line dancing, or ballroom techniques.

For a sexier party, take a class in pole dancing. When you’ve finished your lessons, take the party to a club where you can try out your new skills.

Race Across Town

Divide guests into pairs or teams, and lead them on a crazy night through your hometown. Each group should get a clue pointing them from the first location to the next. At the second place, arrange for them to get a clue for the third one. When everyone has made their way through retails stores, playgrounds, car washes, or any other creative destination, send them to your house or a restaurant where the party will continue.

Comedy Club

Bring on the laughs by spending the evening at a comedy club. If you make it clear by your appearance that you are a bachelorette party, the bride-to-be is likely to get plenty of attention from the stage.

If you have budding comediennes among your friends, attend an open mic night and encourage each other to participate. That can be an especially fun evening when combined with karaoke.


Appreciate nature and chill out under the stars on a camping trip. Borrow a camper or set up tents, and spend the evening laughing and bonding over a campfire. Ask musicians in your group to bring guitars for a sing-a-long, and don’t forget the marshmallows.

Not all bachelorette parties are the same, and you can throw the perfect party for the bride-to-be you love. Take her interests, personality, and comfort into account as you consider just the right theme for a pre-wedding celebration she will look back on with joy for the rest of her life.

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Tomato Plant Spacing Guidelines for Backyard Gardeners

Although this site has a terrific Planting Guide loaded with vital information on growing lots of tomatoes for the market, we’re guessing your garden beds are configured a bit differently than the typical 4 x 100 ft. beds on a farm, so we’ve provided this quick guide just for you.

Tomato plants start out as tiny, gangly seedlings but soon grow into large vines or bushes with an abundance of red fruit. When planting your tomatoes in the spring, one of the most important things to consider is the spacing requirements, which will differ based on the size of the tomato plant at the time it goes into the ground, and whether it is a vining or bush variety.

Spacing Tomato Seedlings

If you started tomato seedlings indoors, it is safe to plant them outdoors once the threat of frost passes for your region. Although you may have started far too many seedlings, plant as many as you have space for in the ground, as some may not survive the transplanting process. By planting them all, you ensure that at least some will survive.

When first placing tiny tomato seedlings into the ground, space them at least 24 inches apart in rows that are at least 30 to 36 inches apart. Use a tape measure to mark off the planting locations before you begin digging to speed the planting process.

Continue caring for the seedlings until they reach at least 6 inches high and then increase the spacing between them to 36 inches by thinning them out. To thin the plants, select the smallest or weakest seedlings and pull them up out of the ground. It may seem wasteful, but this process makes the remaining plants much healthier.

Spacing Larger Plants

If you purchase tomatoes from a garden center, they are typically a little larger, between 6 and 12 inches high. When planting these tomatoes, the spacing depends on how large the mature plant will eventually grow to be.

The recommended spacing for standard sized tomatoes is three feet on all sides, if they are the same variety. If you are using a circular wire trellis around the tomato plant instead of a stake, increase the planting distance to four feet on all sides. Roma, grape and cherry tomatoes are smaller varieties and grow in a more vertical pattern. These tomatoes are often grown up stakes, and thus can be planted at distances of 12 to 15 inches apart.

If you are planting different varieties of tomatoes, plant them at least eight feet apart. If you plant them closer than eight feet, they may cross pollinate with each other and create different tomatoes than what you expect.

Bush Varieties versus Cordon Varieties

In addition to the standard spacing requirements, you must also consider whether the plant is a bush variety or a cordon variety. A bush variety is exactly what it sounds like and produces multiple stems from the ground. Cordon varieties are much taller and thinner with a single central stalk and shorter vertical stems.

If you have a bush variety, increase the spacing to four feet apart if they are indeterminate, season-long growers. If you have multiple rows of bush tomatoes, space each row at five- to six-foot intervals. Cordons grow upward and can thrive well planted at distances of 12 to 15 inches apart.

No matter what type of tomatoes you are growing, following the proper spacing guidelines will ensure the plants remain disease-free and have adequate access to sunlight. While it may be hard to resist planting as many tomatoes as possible in the available space, the end result will be fewer plants that produce far more fruit.

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