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“Self-care” is a big buzzword these days. We all know we need self-care, but what does self-care actually look like? Especially if you’re a busy homesteader? You might not have time for hour-long soaks in the tub, and that’s okay. Self-care is about making time for your needs. It looks different for everyone!

7 self-care ideas for homesteaders

Here are 7 self-care ideas to consider if you need a little more me-time in your day. Best of all, these ideas are homesteader-friendly!


You’ve probably heard about meditation before. But meditation doesn’t have to be sequestering yourself in a dark room in complete silence. Very few homesteaders have the space or time to do this style of meditation, anyway.

Adapt meditation to fit your lifestyle. If your main concern is anxiety, practice a simple breathing exercise in the morning when you fix breakfast. Breathe in slowly for 5 seconds and breathe out for 10 seconds. Repeat five times.

You can also download an app like Calm or Headspace if you want more structured meditation, but they aren’t necessary. All you need is to take a few seconds a few times a day to adjust your brain and remember everything is fine.

Get outside for fun

You probably spend a lot of time outside. Between watering the garden and caring for livestock, homesteaders spend a lot of time outside.

But you know what? The outdoors is supposed to be a restorative space for you. Carve out 15 minutes in your schedule to go outside for fun.

Hula hoop with your kids. Walk around your property or to the neighbor’s house. Lie down in the grass.

Connect with nature again in a way that doesn’t require backbreaking labor.

Declutter for 10 minutes

Does your house feel a little cluttered? Join the club!

When you feel like your surroundings are messy, it’s easy to feel disorganized or even embarrassed. Take positive steps and address the clutter head-on.

I know decluttering doesn’t sound like self-care, but nobody said self-care is easy. This is about taking actions that are best for you and your mental health, not shirking responsibilities.

Set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes every day after lunch. Go through one section of your room to organize, dust, or donate your belongings.

As a result, you’ll feel less stressed in your home and eventually make tidying a habit.

Enjoy seasonal food

Homesteading puts you in tune with nature. You’re in a position where you can enjoy apples fresh off the tree, or eggs right out of the coop. How great is that?

Take time to enjoy a seasonal snack from your homestead. Whether it’s a dried fig grown from your garden or oven-baked zucchini chips, rejoice in the fact that you get to eat close to nature.

Listen to music

Sprinkle a little extra joy on your morning chores by listening to music. Invest in some $20 Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favorite music or podcasts while you work.

I promise your tasks will pass more quickly this way. It puts a little extra pep in your step, too! If you’ve been feeling low on energy, sometimes all you need is a little music to liven things up.

Invite a friend over

Humans are social animals. We need to connect with other human beings to feel fulfilled.

Try inviting a friend over once a week to hang out at the homestead. Swap recipes, trade homestead-grown ingredients, and chat over a cup of coffee.

Sometimes the best antidote to feeling down is reaching out to others. Make socialization a regular part of your self-care routine to live life more richly.

Take a nap

Nobody said homesteading was easy. So go ahead and take that nap; you deserve it.

This doesn’t have to be a long, one-hour nap, either. Studies suggest that 10-20 minute naps are all you need to feel energized.

If you’re feeling run down by 2 pm every day, give yourself permission to take a quick nap.

The bottom line

Pencil in more time for yourself. Follow these 7 self-care tips to make me-time happen, no matter how busy your schedule is.

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I couldn’t agree more with most of these items! I almost always have music on when I’m in the house. I dance around the kitchen. I also love to be outdoors! My neighbor and I meet every night and either walk or just chat (sometimes with wine).

I would like to add that I also love bubble baths!


Self-care is definitely important. I always have a playlist of songs that reminds me of the wild nature. I always like to see fjords and some songs give me the feeling of that. I haven’t been taking naps recently. But I do love the idea of it!


I know it’s silly, but I often feel so guilty when I take time out for myself. Your examples seem doable though, since it’s just grabbing a few minutes to yourself here and there.


I always like inviting friends and have some sleep-overs. Even though we are all busy grown-ups, we love the idea of that. It is indeed a nice way to enjoy the free time we have and maintain healthy social relationships.


There never seems to be enough time in the day. Self-care is important to incorporate, but I have not been doing a good job of it lately. How I would love to have the time to take a little nap!


These are some cool tips to take care of yourself. I am a huge fan of meditation. In fact, I meditate every morning for at least 15 minutes before starting my day. I also love naps, although I don’t nap as often as I would like to.

Oh, we are all about…

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