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by Carlton Ryan

Massage, a therapeutic practice in which deep pressure is applied to muscles, has been helping people for thousands of years. One of the oldest forms of therapeutic treatment in the world, massage’s value and worth has been confirmed by both modern scientific research and the personal experience of millions of individuals. Here are the four primary benefits of massage.

1. Relief From Muscle Tension

Even the basic movements required by ordinary daily life put muscles under considerable strain, resulting in the development of tension and tightness. Knots, or adhesions — areas in which the muscle is locked in place, unable to relax — often arise. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to loosen these tight, stiff, stressed muscles. When sustained, strong pressure is applied to muscle, the muscle eventually releases and tension dissipates. Blood flow to the targeted area also increases, helping the muscle to stay loose afterwards. Since tense, knotted muscles are so common, almost everyone can gain from this effect of massage.

2. Pain Relief

Tight muscles are a very common contributor to pain of many different sorts, meaning massage is often an excellent way to alleviate pain. For example, back pain can frequently be improved by a massage session. Tight, stiff muscles (wherever they are) are often a direct source of pain themselves, which means that a good massage can help address the minor aches and areas of discomfort that plague almost everyone. Muscle inflammation (which can cause pain) can also be reduced by massage. By helping muscles work properly, massage can help protect from future pain by reducing the chance for injuries, both minor and major.

3. Improved Mobility

When it comes to the benefits of massage, mobility improvement is often an overlooked one. When tense muscles are released, the muscle is able to move and operate as it naturally should. This relief from impingement results in improved muscular function. Now that the muscle can freely extend to its full length, mobility is improved. Range of motion can be restored or made better, and ordinary motions become freer and easier. For these reasons massage can improve athletic performance, which is why many serious athletes get massages regularly.

4. Stress Relief

Massage isn’t all about the physical. It can also benefit psychologically. Massage is a fantastic way to slow down, relax, and let cares and anxiety melt away. Lots of people get massages solely as a means of alleviating stress. To many, simply having another person show them care and attention is enjoyable. The physical effects of massage, such as pain relief, can also help enhance mental well-being. Someone who gets a massage is likely to walk out feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and in a better mood.

Massage is just not about feeling good, as it sometimes supposed. A quality massage can clearly impart important therapeutic benefits. Nor are these benefits merely unproven theories. In fact, modern scientific research has affirmed the fact that massage has genuine, true health value. This means that the benefits of massage can be experienced by everyone at just about all ages and stages of health.

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Easy Remedies: How To Use Eucalyptus Oil

The essential oil derived from the leaves and young twigs of the eucalyptus tree has a very intense medicinal aroma. The oil is a powerful antiseptic, and should never be used without diluting, as it is very concentrated and can cause skin irritation. It should always be diluted in a mild carrier oil such as almond or jojoba or in water. Then it can safely be used around the house everyday. Here are ten useful ways to use it every day.

1: Eucalyptus has long been used as a decongestant for the nose and lungs, and gives good protection against the cold virus, which is inhibited by its presence. It can be ingested in very small amounts, and is used in candy to soothe sore throats and help make breathing easier.

2: One of the most popular ways to use eucalyptus, both commercially and in home remedies, is to add a few drops to baby oil or petroleum jelly, and rub it on the chest for soothing relief in cold season. This is especially useful in helping children sleep through the night.

3: The aroma, even in diluted form, is very effective and invigorating but not as pleasant as other fragrant oils. A few drops of lavender oil adds to the level of protection and offsets the strong aroma.

4: To further help cold and flu sufferers breathe easy at night, put a few drops in an oil burner or vaporizer and top with water. As the water and oil heats, a soothing vapour is produced, easing nighttime congestion.

5: One or two drops sprinkled in an opened packet of wet wipes makes a handy cloth inhaler while travelling or at work. Just sniff one of the wipes, or dab it on the end of your nose for instant relief. Don’t forget the lavender to make a more pleasant, but no less effective, experience.

6: A few drops sprinkled on a damp cleaning cloth will quickly freshen and deodorise kitchen counters and bathroom cabinets. If used inside cupboards and on bench tops it will deter cockroaches and other pests.

7: A few drops in the water used to wash walls and floors will leave the whole house smelling fresh and clean. Add it to your regular cleaning products or make your own, mixing one cup of white vinegar, one cup of detergent and a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil. Add enough water to fill a spray bottle and use freely on any surface to clean and disinfect.

8: Australians have long used neat eucalyptus oil on a cloth to remove stubborn price stickers or any label hard to remove. Just damp a cloth with the oil and press it down over the label. Rub until it is removed

9: Add a few drops to a mild massage oil such as almond or baby oil, and use it on the skin to repel insects. You can add lavender to make it more effective and pleasant to use. Put the mixture in a small spray bottle and carry it with you outdoors.

10: If you have trouble with pet fleas, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the rinse water when you are washing pet bedding, also add a few drops to your pet shampoo. Everything will smell fresh and new, including your pet!Keep a bottle of eucalyptus oil in a cool dark place out of the reach of children, and you will always have a quick remedy for chesty coughs, stuffy noses and other ailments, as well as a handy antiseptic and cleaning aid for around the house. A small bottle will last for ages as a few drops can pack a real punch.

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