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Friends are some of the most important people in your life. After all, relationships come and go, and family can drive you up the wall, but your friends are always there. However, we all know the feeling of growing up and drifting apart. When you’ve finished school, there’s no automatic place for you to see your besties – you’ve got to schedule friend-dates. Sometimes it can feel like you’re endlessly repeating the same conversation:

“We should hang out soon!”

“Definitely! Drinks on Friday?”

“I’ve got plans – how about next Thursday?”

“I’ve got something going on. How’s Saturday for you?”

“Busy, I’m afraid. Look, we’ll do it another time!”

“We’ll definitely do it another time.”

But another time is never going to come unless you make it happen. Even if you’ve got the world’s busiest schedule, you can find time to see friends if you get creative. Try these tips for making time to see your besties:

Make It A Priority

Sure, it’s easier to collapse in front of Netflix after a busy day, but seeing a friend is more fulfilling (even if it does require you to get out of your pajamas and off the couch!).

Have An Adult Slumber Party

If you’re really exhausted and your schedule is full until late, invite a friend over for a grown-up sleepover. Popcorn, movies, and giggling until the wee hours with your bestie – what could be better?

Fit It Into Your Plans

Alternatively, meet a friend to catch up during an already-scheduled activity. Gossip while you grocery shop, hit the gym together, or take your dogs for a buddy-walk.

Drop Your Date

If you’re partnered up, it’s easy to get into the routine of doing everything with your significant other. Instead of asking your partner next time you want to see a movie or grab dinner, how about checking in for a last-minute date with friends?


Get Everyone Together

Maybe you’re too busy to make time for one specific person. Try planning a double date, organizing a playdate with everyone’s kids, or bringing your different groups of friends together.

Even when it seems impossible to find time to meet up, you can probably manage it if you use these tips. And the best thing about it? Once you’re back in the habit of making time to see friends, it’ll get easier to plan meet-ups in future. It’s a win-win situation!

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Jennifer Ladd
Jennifer Ladd

You made a great point about fitting your friends into your plans for the day and I’m going to try that route. If we don’t need to do the same chores, maybe we can all compromise by taking turns tagging along with one another.

Oh, we are all about…

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