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by Dee Dee

Ever get tired of the same old “How was your day?” question? The worst part is that it usually leads to an answer that’s about as tired as the question itself. Well, don’t worry you’re definitely not alone and I’ve just stumbled across the perfect, simple solution from The Dating Divas. They created these stacks and stacks of thought-provoking questions to draw out some much more stimulating and meaningful conversations.

These conversation starters have 250 prompts about intimacy, finances, quality time, romance, and family so if you make it through all of them, you’ll have hit all of the biggest ideas in marriage.

We decided on the ‘one a day’ approach and since the first time we’re really alone isn’t until we head to bed, we just have them divided up in our nightstands and we alternate nights. On my day, I’ll just choose a category and pull the top card from the deck. I read it aloud and then we chat about it. Sometimes it’s “easy” question and we share our thoughts for a few minutes but other times we actually have to stop and force ourselves to get to bed (we usually promise to think about it more and discuss over dinner the next day).

There have even been some questions on topics that we never would’ve thought to approach on our own. I think those are my favorites because afterwards we’re always so surprised we never talked about it before, and we usually have pretty similar thoughts on the matter too!

To keep everything organized and to make sure our cards aren’t spread throughout the nightstand (or even the entire house), it’s nice that they fit so perfectly in an Altoids tin. We keep all the cards in their little boxes, even the ones we’ve already discussed because you never know when your thoughts might change or something new might come to you. I’m a sucker for cute packaging, so I love the tins, but there are all kinds of ways to keep them organized – anything from a simple plastic baggie to a binder ring.

We’re pretty satisfied with our question a day routine but I do think it would be fun to use these conversation starters on a long road trip too. Having thoughtful conversation makes the drive seem a lot more purposeful and feel a lot less like a waste of time. We’re also lucky enough to see each other pretty much every night but I really think these would be fun to add to a nightly phone conversation if you’re in a long distance relationship!

So if you’re ready to open up those lines of communication the easy way and stop discussing only the basics of your spouse’s day, try some conversation starters today! I’m guessing you’ll be just as amazed as we were at the discussions these prompts encourage. Click here

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Oh, we are all about…

Common Problems of Your Vegetable Garden and How to Fix Them

Even though I’ve described the process of farming and tending to a vegetable garden to be rewarding, I never said that it would be easy, or free from problems. It’s probable that you came across a lot of problems while growing your crops and I’ll be discussing a few common ones for which a solution will also be provided.

No Seedlings

A very common problem faced by first-time farmers is that seedlings don’t emerge after they sow seeds. Here’s why this is happening:

  • It’s likely that they still need some time, so you should wait it out.
  • The weather’s cold: wait for it to get warmer and if they still don’t sprout, then replant
  • Your soil isn’t moist Water it.
  • If you can’t find seeds at all, it’s possible that insects or birds ate Replant them but keep them protected with netting.
  • The last possible reason could be that you’re using an old seed that won’t sprout Try purchasing fresh ones.
Lifeless Seedlings and Dead Plants

A frequent complaint I hear from home farmers is that their seedlings and young plants die very soon after they’ve sprouted. If not that, they appeared wilted.

  • Not enough moisture: water your soil evenly.
  • Too much moisture: overwatering your seedlings causes damping. Sow your new seeds in a clean seed-starting mix and give your soil a dose of fungicide before planting.
  • The roots or stems rotted: this can happen due to overwatering so add some healthy organic matter i.e. compost to your soil before replanting.
  • They appear burned due to fertilizer. If you intend to use a fertilizer with seedlings, then mix it well into the soil before planting.
  • Otherwise, it’s due to pests. You can keep them away by using row covers or keeping your garden clean and free from weeds and plant debris.

Plants are Wilting
  • Your soil is either too dry or waterlogged. Water if dry, drain out in case of excess water.
  • Your plants may be affected by a disease, so replant varieties that are disease-resistant and keep your beds free from weeds and plant waste.
  • The plant may be suffering from a type of vascular wilt. Fix this by re-growing disease-resistant varieties, practice crop rotation or soil solarization before you plant.
Weak Plants
  • They’re not getting enough sunlight: relocate your plants in an area that gets plenty of sunshine.
  • You’ve overwatered the soil. Practice better drainage.
  • It’s probable that you’re growing all your plants in close proximity to each other. Make sure to give them enough room when you replant.
  • You’ve added too much fertilizer. Excess nitrogen can weaken a plant so quit it with the extra fertilizing.

These are just a few of the problems that you’ll come across in your garden, that I’ve given solutions for. I know there are plenty more; I’ll tell you how to fix those issues too. Till then, happy farming!

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