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by Dee Dee

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be on the hunt for useful and practical gifts for newlyweds, or those blushing brides at bridal showers! It can be difficult to give something that they will both use and appreciate…besides just doling out the cash!

So, I’ve been searching for some good options for the past little while. I wanted something fun, useful, and not too personal – my ultimate “go-to” bridal shower gift!

What to give? What to do?

I’ve been searching for months!

Recently, I came across an incredible product over at The Dating Divas, and I knew all of my problems were solved! I am totally BLOWN AWAY!



This truly awesome pack includes:

Honeymoon Printable Gift Basket Tags
Wedding Getaway Car Decorations
Goodie Bag Labels
Honeymoon Memory Journal
Intimacy Dice Game
Newlyweds Luggage Tags
Couples Trivia
Honeymooner’s Door Hanger

This kit has everything a newlywed couple needs to really show even more love on their honeymoon! And, of course…it’s all stunningly designed! (Like always. I LOVE all of their products!)

I would have loved to have done something like this for my brand-new spouse all those years ago – so if you’re a bride looking for a sweet gift to start your marriage out right…look no further! I have the perfect idea for you! (No planning involved…ha ha!)

How about a bridal shower gift? This bundle fits the bill perfectly! Everything the new couple will need to start their marriage off right, without getting too personal! (If you know what I mean…and if you’ve ever gone to a bridal shower, you probably do!)

But hey – who says we can’t relive that newly-wed glory with our tried-and-true, wonderful spouses that we’ve been married to for…a while!? This pack would be PERFECT for a second honeymoon or surprise romantic getaway!

So awesome, right?!

You have to check it out!

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Oh, we are all about…

Fixes: Protecting Your Crops from Seasonal Frost and Freeze

Frost and freeze can cause terrible damage to your crops, not to mention it has you feeling anxious about your crops the entire night. Luckily, there’s a way to protect your crops from falling victim to frost or freeze, but first, we’ll have a lesson in what these phenomena are in the first place.

Frost and Freeze

Freeze is what happens when the temperature in the environment is below water’s freezing point, which is 32 o F. Obviously, the water inside your crops and plants has the same freezing point, and so it freezes, causing the cells to burst. This leads to severe plant damage that can’t be fixed.

Frost, on the other hand, occurs at a temperature that’s below freezing. The temperature of your crops reaches the freezing point, even if the temperature that surrounds your crops is approaching 32 o F. Since the surface of your plant crops is already at the freezing point, then any dew that forms will automatically turn into ice, causing distress to the plant. You may have seen frost in the form of hoarfrost, the feathery shape of crystals that cover your plants, and rime, which is what happens when dew from the plants turns into frost upon being released.

How To Protect Your Crops

You’ll need some mulch (make sure it’s organic), a mallet, row covers or sheets, wooden stakes and some containers of various sizes. An integral part of farming is not just taking effective measures when the temperatures go down, but predicting such conditions beforehand. Check a weather forecast for low nighttime temperatures and water your crops adequately a few days before the frost is expected to occur.

Your crops will be less susceptible to harm from the cold if they’re well-watered and aren’t wilting. Since your soil will be nice and moist, your crops will stay well protected too. Spread your choice of organic variety mulch in a thick layer over the soil in case there isn’t any mulch placed already. If you’re trying to protect young plant crops from the frost, you can cover them with layers of light hay or mulch.

Take your wooden stakes and place them into the soil while making sure that the tops of plants fall below the tips of the stakes. Use row covers or sheets to place them over the crops and wooden stakes but remember that your sheets shouldn’t touch the plants. Bring the sheets to the soil level and cover them with more soil to keep them from lifting and allowing the chill to enter. If you have smaller crops lying around individually, cover them with a container but place a small dish with water inside so that heat is provided.

If you want, you can set up some lights (like fairy lights) under the protective sheets so they give off some heat to your crops. The next morning, you should remember to remove the row covers, sheets and containers from plants. That’s because sunshine will kick in soon, and leaving the covers on your crops would put them at the risk of overheating.

Practice this effective routine every time you’re anticipating the frost to keep your crops protected. Happy Farming!

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